Dhampus: Escape from Pokhara, without leaving it!

There aren’t many places near Pokhara that can give you a feeling of wilderness like Dhampus. Located around 25 km north-west from the Lake City, the walk to Dhampus is moderate. And unlike the Annapurna trail, you walk on low elevation. This makes the trail accesible to almost anyone with enthusiasm and zeal. You begin […]

‘World’s first’ travel blogger Greenwald: In Nepal every day brings a new, unexpected discovery

Wikimedia Commons Anyone who can do a monologue entitled “Strange Travel Suggestions” for years has seen a lot of the world. Jeff Greenwald is that traveler. He has done some pretty amazing things in his travels: creating the world’s first travel blog (1994), crossing oceans on a container ship, rescuing a snow leopard cub in […]