Province 1’s first skybridge inaugurated in Ilam

Skybridge in Ilam. Photo: Kanyam Kloud

Ilam, November 6

With the inauguration of the first glass skybridge on Friday in Suryodaya municipality, Ilam has become the first district in Province 1 to have such an adventure product.

Constructed by Kanyam Kloud Private Limited, the 60-foot bridge has all-women investors. Twelve women investors from Wonders Nepal, which has been constructing various tourism products all around the country, have teamed up to make this pioneering tourism project near the Mechi Highway.

The top of the bridge is four-metre wide and seven-metre long.

According to the director of the project, Rita Acharya, who chaired the inauguration ceremony Friday, the entire infrastructure development including swing, hotels and other activities is estimated to reach R 50 million.

The inauguration ceremony was held in presence of Suryodaya Mayor Rana Bahadur Rai, actor Barsha Raut, singer Alina Chauhan and many tourism figures from Province 1.

Visitors who walk on the glass on the topmost section skybridge will get to witness views of both Ilam and its tea gardens and the Indian town of Darjeeling along with views of the mountains.

”For adventure lovers visiting Ilam, this will be an instant attraction”, says Basudev Baral, a tourism entrepreneur from Dharan. He says the project is a beautiful example of women-led tourism investment.

Domestic tourists will have to pay Rs. 500 to climb the skybridge while tourists from SAARC nations will have to pay Rs 800. Foreigners from any other country will have to pay Rs 2,000 to walk on the skybrdige.

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Anupam is a journalist reporting from Itahari, Sunsari.

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