First Monday of Shrawan: Here’s how devotees prayed to Lord Shiva

Kathmandu, July 17 Hindus, women in particular, visited Shiva temples near them today to observe the first Monday of the month of Shrawan for this year. Monday is believed to be the favourite day Lord Shiva. Likewise, the month of Shrawan, according to the solar calendar, is believed to be the holiest to worship him. […]

Rāto Machhindranath Jatra through the decades, with photographer Bruce McCoy Owens

Bruce McCoy Owens, an anthropologist from the USA, is one of the artists being featured at Photo Kathmandu 2016. His exhibition “Bungayā: Forty years of Rāto Matsyendranāth” includes some of the thousands of photographs he has taken during Rāto Machhindranath Rath Jātrā since he first encountered the festival almost 40 years ago. When did you […]