Nepali tourism entrepreneurs promote Nepal at New York Travel Show

Kathmandu, November 3

Tourism entrepreneurs from Nepal recently attended the New York International Travel Show to promote tourism in Nepal.

Thousands of people and travel agents attended the show, which was held after two years due to the Covid pandemic.

Tourism entrepreneurs from Nepal attended the show promoting different parts of the country and exciting packages to show to foreign travel agents and prospective tourists.

Pradeep Shrestha, the CEO of the Travel Bureau of Nepal, who was part of the organising committee of the travel show, says that they hope the tourism industry, which has taken a massive hit due to the pandemic, can benefit from the event.

Adventure tourism and mountaineering along with trekking and cultural tourism were promoted at the event.

The entrepreneurs plan to set up stalls in Adventure and Travel Show 2023 to be held across the US from January onwards to promote Nepali tourism.

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