Five things you didn’t know about the rain god’s procession in Kathmandu

As soon as the monsoon ends, Kathmandu Valley gears up for a number of festivals. The first among them is Indra Jatra. Clear skies bring enthusiasm amongst the people of the Valley who gear to celebrate this eight-day festival with a great deal of vigour and passion. Indra Jatra has never been restricted to being […]

On Janmasthami, Patan’s restored Krishna Mandir welcomes pilgrims again

The Patan Krishna Mandir, built in 1637 by Siddhi Narsing Malla, has a lot of cultural significance. Built-in the Shikhara style and constructed using carved stone, instead of the usual brick and timber, this temple is one of the oldest stone temples in Nepal. While many pagoda style temples were reduced to rubble, in the […]