Sherpa Brewery: Nepal’s only commercial craft brewery’s bid to change the industry

For Nepalis who have a deep love for their traditional liquors, the first beer in Nepal was produced only in the early 1970s. Back then, people only drank local liquors or rice wine popularly known as chhyang. But that all changed after Star Beer was launched; and now we have a total of nine breweries […]

Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha movie review: Another boring love story

After a poor show in the movie Rani, former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi is back in another romantic movie which lacks depth and substance. It seemsĀ Nepali film directors like to make romantic films just because they are easy. The movie Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha revolves around two characters, Shaksi (Malina Joshi) and Ashutosh (Manish Sundar […]