Gaja Baja movie review: A day in the life of two stoners in Kathmandu

After spending two years in legal limbo Gaja Baja has finally released all over Nepal. The Film Development Board censors put the release of the movie on hold because the title of the film had the word ‘gaja’ (marijuana). They had claimed that its title transmitted ‘negative imagery’ to masses. But after winning the battle, producers […]

Dear Kalyan: The story of a Nepali storyteller and his family in US

Squatting on the floor with a script lying beside him, a couple more random pages scattered on his right, popular radio presenter of Nepal, Kalyan Raj Gautam, was recording an episode of his popular radio show at his residence in Lefrak City, New York. He began ‘……….. Dear Kalyan, my name is Sharmila………’ With a large […]