Blog: Finding Tunthinani, where art thrives

While setting out for Tunthinani from Sano Bharyang on my bike on March 27, I was already late. Stuck on a road full of vehicles near Thulo Bharyang at around 1.45 pm, Tunthinani seemed a world apart and reaching there at 2.30 pm simply impossible as there was no shortcut. So, it was pretty clear […]

Nepal quake only sped up the clock, historic quarters in Kathmandu were dying already

In core areas of Kathmandu, an amalgamation of old and new buildings, narrow alleyways, temples and squares, along with the constant hustle and bustle of people create a cultural experience like no other. It is fascinating to see how these spaces, which play host to numerous jatras and festivals, transform between the day and the […]