Nepal’s indigenous Tharu at risk of losing art of tattooing

For centuries, tattooing has been an integral part of life for the indigenous Tharu people living in the southern plains of Nepal. Now, as the Tharu people face modernization, the tattooing practice is losing its importance among younger generations. Tharu women wear tattoos on their arms, legs, and chests as a beautification practice. The tattoos, called khodna and godna in the Tharu language, […]

Sisan Baniya: How this Nepali YouTube sensation is using the new medium

When Sisan Baniya was growing up in Kathmandu, the camera was not something he wanted to be close to. “I would relate my childhood experience with that of the protagonist in the move Tare Zameen Par,” says Baniya. The kid in the movie was at least a talented artist, but he had ‘no talent at all’, he […]