Nomads Garden Lounge review: Good food, better ambience

After spending a few hours at Nomads Garden, I didn’t want to leave. Why would anyone want to? The restaurant nestled in a quiet residential area just behind Ranibari offers more than just decent food. It offers customers like me an escape from the busy city. Before visiting, I had thought that Nomads would be […]

Prem Diwas movie review: Unique love story falls prey to directorial incompetence, and bad timing

Perhaps this was not the right time for Prem Diwas to hit the screens. First, this is not Valentine’s month. Second, enraged by the arrest of YouTuber Pranesh Gautam for his ‘review’ of a recent Nepali movie, many social media users have called for a boycott of Nepali movies. Key theatres in Kathmandu wore a […]