(Updated) Price list: 8 best electric scooters in Nepal as of July 2022

Scooters are the most common means of commuting in urban Nepal. They are light and provide an adequate amount of power to the rider to cover a certain distance in certain terrain. Riding a scooter is easy and convenient as one does not have to worry about the weight or about the gears.

Likewise, electric scooters are no different. They once used to look dull, cheaply built and have very less specifications, which is not the case anymore. Electric scooters are no longer boring and outdatedly designed. They, in contrast, are in fact one of the best-designed scooters on the market right now.

With the price of fuel skyrocketing right now, switching to electric scooters seems more practical. There are more than 15 EV brands and over 60 electric scooters model available in Nepal at the moment. If you are trying to get one yourself, we will help you with the list of the best electric scooters available in the market right now.   

Price list

1Yadea G5Rs 330,000 (Lithium battery)
Rs 190,000 (Graphine battery)
2Super Soco CPx Rs 459,900 (Single battery)
Rs 589,900 (Double battery)
3NIU NQi GT Rs 445,000
4Lvneng LX06 max Rs 559,000
5Pure EV ePluto 7G Rs 275,000
6Doohan Uranus Rs 321,900
7Hero Optima Rs 209,600 (Single battery)
Rs 309,600 (Double battery)
8Segway E125 Rs 390,000

1. Yadea G5

Photo: Yadea

Yadea has plenty of ammunition in its arsenal and is one of the best electric scooters on the market right now. Yadea G5 is probably the best offering from the company. This electric scooter offers bold and futuristic looks along with a beauty that gives it a premium touch.

As one of the best scooters in the market, the scooter features a seven-inch VA LCD speedometer with an automatic light adjustment feature. The 32Ah Panasonic Lithium battery on the scooter allows it to have greater power and range than other Yadea scooters. This battery takes around six hours to fully charge and provides a mileage of 80 km with a maximum speed of 60kmph.


DimensionLength: 1810mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1150mm
Wheelbase: 1270mm
Ground clearance: 160mm
ElectromotorGTR 3.0
Max power2300W
Top speed torque120Nm
BatteryPanasonic Lithium
Capacity32 AH
Top speed60kmph
Range80 km
Charging time6 hours
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
Storage box capacity26L
Tyre12-inch tubeless

The price of the Yadea G5 is Rs 330,000.

You can also get the same model at Rs 190,000, but instead of a lithium-based battery, you will get a graphene-based battery. The warranty period will remain the same (two years). The battery life is also said to be higher on this one compared to the lithium-based, but the range will fall down to 50-60 km only.

2. Super Soco CPx

Photo: e-scooter.co

Super Soco is one of the best brands when it comes to electric scooters. Among the many two-wheelers from the company, the CPx is a premium version of the electric scooters. This is powerful, good-looking, faster, and bigger than most electric scooters available in the market. It surely makes a large road presence but is capable of commanding its way through the traffic.

It also has a one-push reverse switch for easy movement out of the traffic or dead ends. Other features include its 16” tubeless tyre, remote key, anti-theft alarm, USB charging port and storage space, extra-large seat and disc brakes at both ends. It also has keyless ignition and wheel locking function. It supports a dual battery that can last up to 137 km when charged fully. There is also a windshield that gives a different personality to the scooter.


DimensionLength: 2,022mm
Width: 790mm
Height: 1,442mm
Ground clearance: 154mm
Seat height: 760mm
TyreFront: 100/80-14
Rear: 110/80-14
Battery60V45Ah Lithium-ion
MotorSuper Soco
Top speed90km/hr
Range137 km (on dual battery)
Charging duration3-4 hours
Vehicle weight107 kg

The Super Soco CPx is priced at Rs 459,900 for the single battery variant and Rs 589,900 for the double battery variant.


Photo: niu

NIU has always been one of the most popular electric scooters in Nepal. NQi GT is the most powerful NIU scooter currently available in the market. The looks, power figure and features on the scooter provide the user with a premium feel. The scooter comes with three unique driving modes: sport for maximum speed and performance, dynamic for everyday use, and E-save for longer range and greater efficiency.

It comes with a 60v35aH battery pack that is good enough to provide up to 110 km of range, and in the E-Save energy-saving mode, the NQi GT’s range can extend even further. Riders can reach a top speed of 75kmph in sports mode.

The NIU scooter also has a Cloud system that allows riders to use an app to access multiple vehicle statuses such as location, riding history, vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, after-sales service info, and power statistics in real-time.


Dimension Length: 1815mm
Width: 740mm
Height: 1185mm
Seat height: 780mm
Ground clearance: 175mm
MotorTailored motor by Bosch
Max power3000W
Battery unitEve Lithium /18650
Top speed75kmph
RangeUp to 140 km
Charging time3.5 hours
BrakeFront: 220mm dual-piston Hydraulic Disc
Rear: 180mm dual-piston Hydraulic Disc
TyresFront: 90/90-12
Rear: 120/70-14
Shock absorberFront: Oil damping direct-acting shock absorber
Rear: Oil damping direct-acting shock absorber

The price of NIU NQi Gt is Rs 445,000.

4. Lvneng LX06 max

electric scooters
Photo: Lvneng Bike

Lvneng is one of the very few companies to actively release various models of its electric scooters in Nepal. One of its latest releases, the LS01 3-wheeled scooter, was focused on elderly and differently-abled people which was really appreciable. Lvneng too has a lot of electric scooters for offering and among them, LX06 max is probably the best.

This is a classical-looking electric scooter. The paint job, design, build quality, and everything on the scooter is top-notch. The scooter is powered by a 4000W Bosch motor and has 60V26Ah portable Samsung batteries and the battery management is taken very seriously. There are 10 functions to ensure the safety and management of the battery.

LX06 max is a power-performing scooter with three riding modes. The scooter takes four to six hours to get fully charged. With a top speed of 90kmph, this scooter can give a range of up to 150km on a dual battery.


DimensionLength: 1890mm
Width: 720mm
Height: 1110mm
Ground clearance: 150mm
Wheelbase: 1365mm
Rated motor power4000W
Peak power5Kw
Battery type60V26Ah Samsung battery
Charging time4-6 hours
Top speedUp to 90kmph
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
Net weight125kg (one battery)
Hill ability13 degree (25%)
Tyre Size90/90-12” Tubeless

The price of Lvneng LX06 is Rs 559,000 and there is a two-year warranty on the batteries on all its electric scooters.

5. Pure EV ePluto 7G

electric scooters

One of the most budget-friendly electric scooters on the list is Pure EV’s ePluto 7G. This is a retro-looking e-scooter. With a rated 2200W hub motor on the board, this scooter can provide a range of up to 116 km when fully charged. The charging time can take between four and five hours.

It is exactly not a power performance scooter but for commuter purposes, it provides reliable performance. It can achieve a top speed of up to 60kmph and has a load capacity of 180kg. For safety purposes, it has a disc brake at the front and a drum on the rear. It also offers a regenerative braking system and portable batteries for the ease and convenience of the rider.


MotorBrushless Hub Motor
Rated motor power2200W
Controller60V 20 Tube vector looped
Battery60V 2.5kWh Li-ion Portable
Charging time4-5 hours
Battery casingMetallic
CellsNMC 18650 3C ultra performance
Battery management systemSmart active balance 50A
External charging portYes
Regenerative brakingYes
BrakesFront: Disc
Rear: Drum
TyreFront: 90/100 Rear: 3.00-10
RimCast alloy
Range116 km on a full charge
Top speed60kmph
Kerb weight79kg
Load capacity180 kg

The price of Pure EV ePluto 7G is Rs 275,000.

Pure EV is also offering another electric scooter with the exact same specifications while differentiating only on the design. While ePluto 7G is more of a classical style, its other model Etrance Neo flaunts a sporty design and comes at a price of Rs 260,000.

6. Doohan Uranus

electric scooters
Photo: Doohan

Uranus is the most sold and power-performing electric scooter from Doohan. It has a bulky and classic look and is probably one of the best looking electric scooters in the market at the moment. Along with a bulky look, the scooter also has a solid build. This is also a long-seated and extended-wheelbase model from Doohan scooters.

Uranus, as one of the best electric scooters, is powered by a DC Brushless motor with LG/Panasonic Lithium 72V 26Ah battery. It takes four to five hours per battery to get fully charged and gives up to 70-100 km per charge depending on the number of batteries. The scooter can achieve a top speed of 70kmph on a double battery variant.


MotorDC Brushless
BatteryLG/Panasonic Lithium 72V 26Ah
Power3000 Watt
Charge time4-5 hours per battery
RangeUp to 70kms (single battery)
Up to 100kms (double battery) 
Top Speed45kmph (single battery)
70kmph (double battery)
ColoursRed, Black, White, Purple, Blue
BrakesFront: Disc Rear: Drum

The price of Doohan Uranus is Rs 321,900. The company is also offering 1.5 years of battery warranty, motor warranty and one-year free servicing on all its electric scooters.

7. Hero Optima

electric scooters
Photo: heroelectric.in

Hero electrics has recently made a comeback with three electric scooters in Nepal. The Optima is probably the best scooter among the three as it offers the best features comparatively. The scooter offers single or double battery variants. All the specifications of the electric scooters remain the same except for the weight, range and price.

The scooter weighs around 72.5 kg with a single battery and 83 kg with a double battery. The scooter is equipped with a 550/1200W motor that gets power from a 51.2V/30Ah portable battery. The battery takes around 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged and can provide a range of 82 km in a single battery and 122 km in a double battery. The scooter can achieve a top speed of 42 kmph and has a ground clearance of 150mm.

Hero Optima is equipped with 12-inch alloy wheels with drum brakes at both ends. It has a combi braking system and a regenerative braking system as well. The scooter also has a remote lock and anti-theft alarm system for further protection. There is also a USB port on the scooter and interestingly Optima also has a cruise control feature for the convenience of the rider.


Motor power550/1200W
Input voltage51.2V / 30Ah
Charging time4 to 5 hours
External charging portYes
Regenerative brakingYes
Braking typeCombined braking system
Range82 km (Single battery)
122 km (Double battery)
Top speed42kmph
Kerb weight72.5 kg (Single battery)
83 kg (Double battery)
Ground clearance150mm
Wheel size12-inch
Cruise controlYes

The price of Hero Optima is Rs 209,600 for a single battery variant and Rs 309,600 for a double battery variant.

8. Segway E125

electric scooters
Photo: e-scooter.co

Segway, a global brand, has recently made its way to Nepal with two electric scooters and one electric Go-cart. Segway E125 is the best offering from the company right now. Designwise, it may not be so appealing as there are plenty of electric scooters that offer the same look and design, but it is the feature of this scooter that separates it from the rest.

This scooter has a keyless system and can be turned on with remote control. Similarly, the scooter also does not start if the side stand is still on. Segway E125 is powered by a 2,400-watt motor with a 74V27Ah (2000Wh) Lithium battery. It can generate a torque of 200 Nm while achieving a top speed of 75kmph with an expected range of 120km. It can take from four to six hours to get the battery fully charged.


Weight80 kg
Loading capacity150 kg
Brake systemFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
Max speedUp to 75Km9h
MotorTailored brushless motor
Rated power2400 Watt
Max power3600 Watt
Max torque200 N.M
Battery unitTailored lithium battery
Rated voltage72 V
Capacity27 Ah
Range (Km)60-100
Charging time5-6 hours
IPX ratingIPX5 (Battery-IPX7)

The price of Segway Ninebot E125 is Rs 390,000.

Originally published on February 20, 2022

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