Yadea scooters price in Nepal: Premium e-scooters come with festive discounts

Yadea is a popular premium e-scooter brand, with a premium design and a touch of next-gen technology equipped with modern features. With Yadea scooters on the market, Nepali people now have more options to choose from. Yadea competes with other premium e-scooters like NIU and Super Soco making it one of the best electric two-wheelers in Nepal.

There are currently two variants of Yadea scooters in Nepal and today, we will be talking in detail about each of them and let you know about the price and what offers the company is providing during this festive season.

1. S-Like

Photo: Yadea

Starting off with Yadea’s minimalistic e-scooter at the moment is Yadea S-Like. Labelled as an urban city commuter, the S-like is designed to help you glide through the busy city roads. The scooter is well-equipped with features like a 4.2-inch LCD panel with automatic light adjustment. The display is 150° wide-angle anti-scattering that shows a real-time display of multiple information. It also has a night and day display mode feature which is freely adjustable according to light.

Moreover, it also has an IP65 rating against dust and water. The scooter has a 2000 W Lithium-Ion battery which can be fully charged in six hours. The scooter has a range of 60 km and can reach a top speed of 50 kmph.

The scooter also has sporty graphics. The ground clearance is also good on this scooter at 180mm. It also has a dual-battery version. All the specifications on the dual-battery version are identical, but the difference lies in the range and weight of the scooter. The dual battery has a double range than the single battery scooter.


DimensionLength: 1750mm
Width: 680mm
Height: 1450mm
Wheelbase: 1300mm
Ground clearance: 180mm
ElectromotorGTR 3.0
Max power2000W
Top speed torque120Nm
BatteryATL Lithium
Capacity24 AH
Top speed50kmph
Range60 km (single battery)
120 km (dual battery)
Charging time6 hours
BrakeFront: Disc Rear: Drum
Storage box capacity18L
Tyre12-inch tubeless

Talking about safety, some of the notable features of Yadea S-like are:

  • Temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over-Current protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Equalization protection
  • Waterproof and shockproof

The price of Yadea S-like in Nepal is Rs 230,000 for a single-battery and Rs 310,000 for a dual-battery version. Yadea is providing a flat discount of Rs 25,000 on both scooters for this Dashain. Yadea is also providing two free helmets, options to finance with a 0% EMI facility and easy exchange, fiscal year road tax. The buyers will also get a food voucher worth Rs 2,000.

2. G5

Photo: Yadea

Yadea G5 is the ultimate scooter of Yadea in Nepal at the moment. The bold and futuristic looks along with the beautiful finish of this scooter provide a premium feel. The design of this scooter is rare and unique and is not often seen in the market.

Photo: Yadea

It also features a seven-inch VA LCD speedometer with an automatic light adjustment feature. The main attraction of this scooter is the 32Ah Panasonic Lithium battery, which allows it to have greater power and range than other Yadea scooters. This battery will also take around six hours to fully charge and will provide a mileage of 80 km with a maximum speed of 60kmph. Everything about this scooter is top-notch and it is a perfect commuter for the city.

It has power, looks, features, safety, durability, and almost everything you want from a scooter. It indeed is one of the best scooters in Nepal.


DimensionLength: 1810mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1150mm
Wheelbase: 1270mm
Ground clearance: 160mm
ElectromotorGTR 3.0
Max Power2300W
Top speed torque120Nm
BatteryPanasonic Lithium
Capacity32 AH
Top speed60kmph
Range80 km
Charging time6 hours
BrakeFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
Storage box capacity26L
Tyre12-inch tubeless

Some of the notable features of Yadea G5 are:

  • 7-inch VA LCD speedmeter
  • Panasonic 18650 cells
  • GTR 3.0 broadband motor
  • IP57 waterproof rating
  • Pure aluminum rear fork
  • Front and rear opposed cylinder
  • Cold-rolled steel less frame

The price of Yadea G5 is Rs 330,000 and like other Yadea scooters, it also is available with a flat Rs 25,000 discount for this Dashain. Likewise, you will be given two free helmets, options to finance with a 0% EMI facility and easy exchange, fiscal year road tax, and a food voucher of worth Rs 2,000.

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