Nepali food ingredients are healthy, but the ‘system’ is not. It is causing gastritis in many

As China is struggling hard to control the spread of COVID-19, the infection of novel coronavirus that originated in its Wuhan city, some social media users have also guessed that the Chinese acquired the virus from their food habit. They say the Chinese food culture is full of unusual delicacies that include monkey’s brain and […]

People rarely think how children with autism socialise in their adulthood. This ‘inclusive’ club does

Kripa Shrestha is tired of her neighbours’ and passersby’s comments about her 15-year-old son Biraj’ activities. The neighbours in her small settlement in Chandol of Kathmandu might not have any ill intent behind their comments, but none of them is helping Shrestha feeling better. Instead, she has to travel miles to Autism Care Nepal Society, […]