Can colour-blind people drive in Nepal? Law says no, everyone else says yes

When Khem Lal Gurung, went to the Department of Transport Management in Ekantakuna to renew his driver’s permit, he was told he was ineligible. The reason: he is colour blind. Gurung, who has chauffered for various organisations since 1990, had never before faced any problems renewing his license. However, the one time he did, it […]

Double burden: How malnutrition plagues educated, rich Nepali families

Various studies have shown that children from well-off families are less likely to be malnourished than their counterparts from low-income families. However, recent studies suggest that this may not apply to some specific forms of malnutrition such as ‘double burden of malnutrition at the household level’. Researchers looking into the phenomenon, under which a mother […]