Electric two-wheeler price list: 56 options from 15 brands to choose from in Nepal

The number of electric two-wheelers in Nepal is increasing every day. There are more than just a handful of electric two-wheelers in Nepal right now. There are some reputed companies like NIU, Lvneng, Super SOCO, and Yadea offering various models of electric two-wheelers in Nepal currently. Along with them, there are also many other companies that are offering different segments of electric two-wheelers in Nepal.

Two-wheelers are the most popular and common option for commuting in Nepal as they provide ease and flexibility to the riders. With the continuous increase in the petrol price and increase in import tax of engine vehicles, electric vehicles have come as favourable alternatives to the people. Switching to electric vehicles not only reduces pollution but also decreases the dependency on fuels, reduces servicing costs and avoids high vehicle tax.

So if you are trying to switch to electric two-wheelers, we will help you with a comprehensive list of 56 models of electric two-wheelers from 15 brands that are available in Nepal at the moment.

1. NIU

electric two-wheelers
Photo: NIU

NIU is one of the most well-known electric two-wheeler brands in Nepal. It has been offering premium scooters from its early days in Nepal. Currently, it is offering five different models of electric scooters in Nepal.

NIU scooters have a fantastic build and offer very good features for the riders. They also offer a range from 60-140 km per charge depending upon the model.

The models offered by NIU at the moment are:

1N-SeriesRs 254,000
2Gova G3Rs 255,000
3MQi+Rs 255,000
4NQiRs 310,000 (Glossy finish)
Rs 315,000 (Matte finish)
5N-GTRs 398,888
6NQiGTRs 445,000

2. SuperSoco

Photo: e-scooter.co

SuperSoco offers some of the best electric scooters and probably the best electric bike in Nepal. Its CPx is probably one of the best looking scooters in the market right now. It also offers a solid build along with a striking design and plenty of useful features to the riders. It can provide a range from 56 km to 137 km depending on the models. SuperSoco also offers faster electric two-wheelers reaching up to a top speed of 95kmph, which is pretty rare in electric two-wheelers.

Here are the models offered by SuperSoco right now in Nepal:

1CU MiniRs 179,900
2CUxRs 249,900 (Standard colour)
Rs 259,900 (Luxury colours)
3TSxRs 285,900 (Single battery)
Rs 369,000 (Double battery)
4TCRs 289,900 (Single battery)
Rs 375,000 (Double battery)
5TC MaxRs 489,900
6CPxRs 459,900 (Single battery)
Rs 589,900 (Double battery)

3. Yadea Scooters

electric two-wheeler

Yadea is another brand that offers premium electric two-wheelers in the market. It too has a solid build and a bold design that separates it from the rest. It also offers plenty of useful features to the riders. With a max speed of 60kmph, it can provide a range of up to 80km on a full charge.

The models offered by Yadea right now are:

1S-likeRs 230,000 (Single battery)
Rs 310,000 (Double battery
2G5Rs 330,000
3C15Rs 350,000

4. Lvneng

Lvneng scooters 2021
Photo: Lvneng Nepal

Lvneng is one of the very few companies to offer a variety of electric two-wheelers in Nepal. From a three-wheeled scooter for the elderly to power-performing scooters, it has everything. The electric scooters from Lvneng provide better range but the top speed is limited to 45kmph. Only its premium scooter LX06 max can achieve a top speed of 90kmph. Charging duration can range from four to six hours.

Currently, Lveneng is offering:

1LS01Rs 229,000
2LX01Rs 249,000
3LX02Rs 249,000
4LX04Rs 209,000
5LX05Rs 295,000
6LX05-DRs 369,000
7LX06 MaxRs 559,000
8LX08Rs 295,000

5. Doohan

electric two-wheeler

Kaliber Auto is the authorised distributor of Doohan e-scooters in Nepal. It is one of the very few companies to have an electric three-wheeler in Nepal. Doohan currently offers four electric vehicles, two of them being three-wheelers. Unlike Lvneng’s three-wheeler that was solely for elderly and differently-abled people, the three-wheelers offered by Doohan are for daily commuting and can be used by anybody.

The scooters from Doohan has a range from 70 to 100 km depending upon the battery on the scooter while it can achieve a top speed of up to 70kmph.

 Here are the models offered by Doohan:

1iTankRs 359,900
2iTangoRs 289,900
3E-SwanRs 231,900
4UranusRs 321,900

6. Hero Electrics

Hero electric scooters

Hero has made a comeback in Nepal with its latest release of three different electric two-wheeler models. Hero has a variety of electric two-wheelers in India, but only four models have made their way to Nepal. Hero scooters’ speed is limited up to 45kmph only. The upside to the limited speed on the scooter is that it has a range from 82km to 165 km. The charging time of the scooter can take from four to five hours.

The three models offered by Hero electrics are:

1PhotonRs 249,600
2NYXRs 284,600
3OptimaRs 209,600 (Single battery)
Rs 309,600 (Double battery)

7. Genius and Tail G

Photo: geniusev.com

Yomama E-motors is the authorised dealer of Genius electric bikes and Tail G scooters in Nepal. Previously, it offered four models of electric scooters and electric bikes here in Nepal. The two electric bikes had a maximum torque of 375nm, which is extremely high. The bikes could also achieve a top speed of up to 120kmph, which is rarely seen on electric two-wheelers. The bikes had a range of 100 km and would be fully charged in 4 hours.

The two scooters offered by Yomama E-motors also shared similar specifications. With a range of 95km, the scooters can reach a top speed of 51kmph and get fully charged in five to hours. Currently, they are out of stock but will soon offer their products to the people.

1Genius X46Rs 426,000
2Genius XY46Rs 426,000
3Tail G TigerRs 200,000 (Estimated)
4Tail G LionRs 183,000

8. Pure EV

Photo: pure ev

Pure EV offers value for money electric two-wheelers. It currently offers only two models that share identical specifications differentiating only by the design. The scooters from Pure EV are well built and provide a range of up to 116km on a single charge while achieving a top speed of up to 60kmph.

The currently offers:

1Etrance NeoRs 229,000
2ePluto 7GRs 249,000

9. Yatri Motorcycles

Photo: yatri motorcycles

Yatri Motorcycles made quite a headline when it was released last year as it offered the first electric two-wheelers that were made in Nepal itself. Yatri Motorcycles has a unique design that offers higher ground clearance and more power. The bikes have a range from 110km to 230 km on a single charge and have a fast-charging system that allows them to get an 80% charge in just 40 minutes. The bikes also offer quicker acceleration to the riders.

Yatri currently offers:

1Project OneRs 565,000
2Project ZeroRs 1,949,000
10. Segway
Segway E100. Photo: Segway
Segway E100. Photo: Segway

Segway electric two-wheelers were recently launched in Nepal. I Hub Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of Segway scooters in Nepal, has launched two electric scooters and one electric go-cart at the moment. The scooter offers a range from 60 to 100 km on a single charge and takes from five to eight hours to get fully charged. The scooters can also achieve a top speed of up to 58kmph.

Segway currently has:

1E100Rs 290,000
2E125Rs 390,000.

11. Luyuan Nepal

Photo: Luyuan

Luyuan electric two-wheelers are one of the new entrants in the Nepali market. Zero Emission Ride is the official distributor of the Chinese electric scooter brand in Nepal. Luyuan Nepal currently has three models and they differ a lot in terms of design. The scooters offer a mileage of up to 80km on a single charge and can be fully charged from three to eight hours depending on the model. Similarly, the scooters have a top speed of 60kmph. They also offer some interesting features like anti-puncture tyres, remote control and an anti-theft alarm system.

The three models of Luyuan Nepal are:

1INNO 7Rs 173,700
2MNK3Rs 173,700
3S30Rs 254,700

12. Tunwal EV

Photo: tunwal

Tunwal EV is an Indian electric scooter that has made its way to Nepal not long ago. Tunwal EV provides one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market. The scooter is said to have a solid build, but design-wise, it looks like a typical old-gen scooter, nothing fancy just plain and simple. Tunwal scooters offer a top speed of 50kmph whereas the range is not specified.

The four models offered by Tunwal EV are:

1Storm Zx lead acidRs 151,000
2Storm Zx lithiumRs 215,000
3Storm Zx single LithiumRs 175,000
4Lithin 2.0Rs 151,000

13. Komaki EV

Photo: komaki

Komaki EV is an Indian brand of electric two-wheelers that has recently made its way here in Nepal. The retro-looking e-scooters have a lot to offer. These electric scooters from Komaki are power performers. They provide a range of up to 140km on a single charge while taking four to five hours to get fully charged. The scooters can also achieve a top speed of 85kmph. The power performance of the scooters is also equally matched by the different useful features. The scooters have features like re-gen braking, reverse assist, cruise control and mobile charging point to name a few.

The two scooters offered by Komaki are:

1SERs 295,000
2VeniceRs 310,000

14. Terra Motors

Photo: Terra Motors

Terra Motors is currently offering only a single model here in Nepal. The Eco from Terra Motors is a sporty looking scooter that provides a range of up to 80km on a single charge but takes around 7-8 hours to get fully charged. The top speed this vehicle can achieve is 60kmph. The specs on the scooter may not be very pleasing when compared to others, but with the price range it comes, it is justifiable. The scooter also has features like a 3-speed function, hill assist and reverse gear.

The price of Terra Motors Eco is Rs 165,000.

15. Okinawa

Photo: okinawascooters

Okinawa is yet another electric scooter that has set its foot in the Nepali market. Vicky Enterprises is the official distributor of Okinawa scooters in Nepal. The company has introduced six different electric scooters in the Nepali market. Okinawa scooters offer one of the best ranges in an electric scooter. The company claims with four to five hours of charge, the scooter offers a range from 170 to 200 km and can achieve a top speed of 75kmph.

The six electric scooters offered from Okinawa are:

1I-Praise+Rs 340,000
2Praise ProRs 260,000
3RaiseRs 230,000
4Okinawa LiteRs 280,000
5R30Rs 170,000
6DualRs 215,000

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