NIU Gova G5 in Nepal: The new electric scooter has upgraded features to cost an upgraded price

NIU Gova G5
Photo: niu.np

NIU Gova G5 is the latest release from the reputed NIU electric scooter in Nepal. Eco Infinity, the sole and authorised distributor of NIU scooters in Nepal, has officially launched NIU Gova G5 here.

This is also the release of the second model in the Niu Gova series with Gova G3 being the first model in the lineup. The new Gova G5 offers a better battery, better range and a more powerful motor. The new upgrades come with an increase in price as well.

Let’s get into the details of the scooter to know what more it has to offer.


DimensionsLength: 2008mm
Height: 1166mm
Width: 685mm
Ground Clearance: 140mm
Seat height: 807mm
Motor power3900W
MotorTailored by Bosch
Battery4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery
Battery capacity72V45Ah
Charging time6 to 7 hours
RangeUp to 100 km
Top speedUp to 85kmph
Braking typeCombi Braking System
BrakesFront: Disc
Rear: Disc
SuspensionFront: Hydraulic damping
Rear: Spring Air damping
Tyre sizeFront: 90/90-14, tubeless
Rear: 120/70-14, tubeless
ColoursWhite, red, black
PriceRs 325,000


NIU Gova G5
Photo: NIU

NIU Gova G5 flaunts an integral streamlined design combined with high-quality carbon structural steel. At the front, the scooter comes with H-shaped Matrix headlights which include LED DRL and side LED indicators. The styling on the new NIU Gova G5 is similar to the one seen in the previously launched Gova 03. However, Gova G5 has been presented bulkier than the former model.

Photo: niu.np

The Gova series electric scooter is also curvier in nature than the rest of the NIU scooters, hence boasting a sleek unibody styling. The minimalistic styling of the scooter can be visually pleasing to the riders. The scooter also offers a unique rear section. The rear features a wrap-around LED rear lamp, a large grab bar and also offers adequate under-seat storage.


Photo: niu.np

NIU Gova G5 is powered by a 3900W Bosch motor. The scooter features a 72V45Ah 4th-generation NIU Energy lithium battery. It can provide a range of up to 100 km on a full charge while taking around six to seven hours to get fully charged. The scooter can also reach a top speed of up to 85kmph.

Like Gova 03, the new Gova G5 also features two driving modes: energy-saving T-tour mode and dynamic S-sport mode to toggle between according to the road conditions. This electric scooter can also be connected to your smartphone via the NIU app.

The NIU app provides users with comprehensive vehicle services like remaining battery level and range estimate, GPS positioning, security alert, past routes and riding statistics. The app also offers vehicle management, personal and binding information management to the riders.

Brakes, tyres and suspension

Photo: niu.np

NIU Gova G5 comes with a combi braking system (CBS) with hydraulic disc brakes on both sides of the wheel. This is the most common braking system seen on an electric two-wheeler these days. The electronic braking system (EBS) also provides regenerative power that intelligently puts the power back into the system when braking.

The scooter has 14-inch tubeless tyres at both the front and the rear. The front tyre measures at 90/90-14 while the rear tyre measures at 120/70-14.

As per the suspension on the scooter, there is hydraulic damping on the front and the rear end gets a spring air damping for absorbing bumps and providing comfortability to the riders on rough terrain.

Other features

Photo: niu.np

NIU Gova G5 also features more than just a handful of useful features to the riders. With NIU Gova G5, the riders will get the benefits of:

  • Streamlined design
  • Multi-information LCD display
  • Smart dashboard
  • Anti-theft USB charger
  • Halo headlight
  • CBS braking
  • Spacious seat
  • Regenerative braking
  • Under-seat storage
  • Larger battery power
  • LED lighting system
  • Multi-mode riding
  • Cruise control
  • Front storage box with bag hook
  • NIU app with smart features
  • NIU Battery Management System with the energy recovery system
  • Front hydraulic damping and rear spring-air damping suspension
  • Combined braking system (CBS)

Things to do

Photo: niu.np

While enjoying all the features of the scooter, there are also a handful of things that a rider needs to be mindful of before riding it. Maintaining these will ensure the longevity and durability of the vehicle. The rider should:

  • Charge the scooter using a battery port to avoid the melting of port.
  • Unplug the battery when not in use to avoid battery drainage.
  • Avoid puddles after heavy rainfalls.
  • Maintain the scooter every three months for better performance.
  • Cover the scooter, especially during the rainy season.
  • Park the scooter in the double stand mode.

The price of NIU Gova G5 is Rs 325,000.

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