‘Nepal’s Taj Mahal’ was deserted for a century. Can it get its glory back?

If you have ever mugged up general knowledge question-answers for a quiz contest or a ‘Loksewa’ exam, you will know which historical monument is called Nepal’s ‘Taj Mahal’. While millions of Nepalis have heard about the Rani Mahal in Palpa, only a small section of the population has visited the place. Apparently, the century-old monument […]

Nepal’s only folk musical instrument museum is struggling to save rare instruments

While the roundabout in Tripureshwor, Nepal sees traffic throughout the day, just a few minutes walk from the bustling road is the quiet and calm Tripureshwor Mahadev Temple, one of the largest temples in the Kathmandu Valley. Within the premises of the temple is a lesser-known museum housing rare Nepali folk musical instruments collected from across Nepal. Despite the […]