Pyang-gaun will soon stop making pyangs. Then, it will lose its identity

Man Bahadur Maharjan (Jyapu) learned to make pyang, a cylindrical container made of bamboo sheets when he was very young. Today, he is one of the few people who can make pyangs in the entire Pyang-gaun (the Pyang village) in Lalitpur district, south of Kathmandu. With not many young people interested in carrying the torch […]

Sukul’s heyday is gone. Siddhipur locals want to revive it now

Once, sukuls used to be a daily essential in Nepali households. Gradually, people forgot them due to newer, easier options. But, some locals in a small town in Kathmandu are committed to their preservation.      Krishna Bahadur Maharjan, a resident of Siddhipur town in northeastern Lalitpur, does not remember when he learned to weave a sukul, […]