#BinaasBinakoBikaas: Assessing Nijgadh international airport project from a human perspective

Amidst various protest programmes launched by environmentalists and stakeholders against the government plan to construct an international airport in Nijgadh of Bara district in southern Nepal, the government announced in its annual policy and programme for the next fiscal year that it would begin the construction works as soon as possible. The recent announcement has […]

Kathmandu locals are fighting ‘injustice’ to save their city’s heritage, years after deadly earthquake

Four years ago, vast swaths of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, turned to rubble in a matter of minutes. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake, which wrought destruction on the city, was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. Just 17 days later, another magnitude 7.3 temblor felled more buildings and structures, which had stood through the first quake. The human […]