Taleju Temple opens for the public once a year. But, for local Manandhars, it’s a fortnightly affair

Almost everyone who knows there is the Taleju Temple in Hanumandhoka of Kathmandu also knows that the temple opens for the public only once a year, on Mahanawami (ninth day) of Dashain festival. But, there is a group in Kathmandu that has access to the interior of the temple every fortnight, 24 times in a […]

Khokana hasn’t stopped producing mustard oil, but the mode of production has changed

Bhim Lal Maharjan, an 81-year-old resident of the ancient town of Khokana in southern Lalitpur, harks back to the good old days when he used to carry a kharpan (a bamboo pole to carry goods by balancing it on the shoulder of the carrier) carrying mustard oil and roam around the Kathmandu Valley. “I used […]