One laptop per child: How an NGO adopted govt brainchild to educate rural kids

The coalition government formed after the 2006 Janaandolan, in its annual budget statement, announced the launch of ‘one laptop per child’ (OLPC) programme in a bid to promote the use of information and communication technology in government schools. The decision was made to emulate the success of similar programmes in other underdeveloped countries around the […]

SmartPhones4Water: Why citizen involvement in rainfall measurement is a good idea

When residents of Radheradhe and Sallaghari area of Bhaktapur district woke up in the morning of July 12,¬†floodwater had entered their houses from the nearby Hanumante River. Perhaps some youngsters in the area saw such a situation for the first time in their life; hence they wondered what was wrong with the rainfall. They also […]