DroNepal: Young engineers’ quest to use UAVs for development

After the magnitude 7.6 earthquake rattled Nepal on April 25, 2015, security personnel and locals spent weeks in rescuing the injured. The rescue work could not gather pace because they did not have a birdseye view of far-flung areas. Engineer Darpan Pudasaini, who was developing robots to meet various practical needs, was aware that drones could […]

One laptop per child: How an NGO adopted govt brainchild to educate rural kids

The coalition government formed after the 2006 Janaandolan, in its annual budget statement, announced the launch of ‘one laptop per child’ (OLPC) programme in a bid to promote the use of information and communication technology in government schools. The decision was made to emulate the success of similar programmes in other underdeveloped countries around the […]