Bhaktapur’s famous Bisket Jatra and Jibro Chhedne Jatra won’t take place this year

Kathmandu, April 6 Two famous annual festivals of Bhaktapur and Thimi towns in Kathmandu Valley, Bisket Jatra and Jibro Chhedne Jatra (tongue-piercing festival), will not take place this year due to the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country. Bhaktapur’s Chief District Officer Hum Kala Pandey says, “We have decided not to host both the festivals […]

Paachahre: A lively festival of Kathmandu is locked down in coronavirus crisis

Regarded as one of the busiest, crowded areas of the Kathmandu city, Ason today has thinned out amid the fears of coronavirus. On the second day of Paachahre, one of the important festivals celebrated by the Newari community in Kathmandu, the city usually would have the streets abuzz with people, music and other celebratory activities. […]