Happiness regained: What the evacuation of Nepalis from coronavirus-hit Wuhan meant to a family

Bhagawati Lal Kakshapati, a resident of Bagdol in Lalitpur, arrived at the Nepal Electricity Authority’s training centre in Kharipati of Bhaktapur at around 10 on Monday morning. He was there to receive his daughter, one among 175 Nepalis quarantined in the centre for the past two weeks, hoping their final coronavirus test report would be […]

Behind-the-scenes story of evacuation of 175 Nepalis from coronavirus-hit Wuhan and their quarantining

Two months ago, before the coronavirus infection became a pandemic or before the World Health Organisation declared that Nepal also was at a higher risk of the virus spread, Nepal Army’s Disaster Response and Management Cell had already started their preparations to study the situation. While their study was still ongoing, the government called a […]