Shepard Fairey’s inauguration posters may define political art in Trump era

The American street artist Shepard Fairey created a poster (see inset) for Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. It was 2008 and the simple red, beige and blue stencilled image of Obama’s face over the word “HOPE” quickly became the iconic image of the election, the rallying cry around which it was fought and won. It […]

‘Love Sasha’ movie review: Fine balance between engagement and contrivances

Popcorn Pictures In the first few minutes of ‎director Prachanda Man Shrestha’s Love Sasha, the movie tries to make a case for its existence. When it happened again at the beginning of the end credit roll‎, I was left wondering if we have become so cynical towards rom-coms–there have been far less “romantic” movies made […]