Into slumber: Curtain falls on yet another Kathmandu theatre with hope to rise again

Kathmandu, May 30 “Today, we are closing the third Nepali theatre in recent years,” announces Kedar Shrestha, Artistic Director of Theatre Mall located in the heart of Kathmnandu. Shrestha, 29, was the brains behind utilising the rooftop of the seven-storey Kathmandu Mall to establish a theatre. Giving a glimpse of his heavy heart through a […]

This startup will hear your call when you get hungry at midnight

Imagine you are on a night out with friends or back home partying and it’s 2-3 am. Suddenly, you feel hungry. You scour the fridge but don’t find anything. What would you do in such situations? The first thing on your mind would be to order some food. Right? But can you get food, let […]