Chhyaang aka Himalayan Beer: Fourteen centuries of history in a glass

Dashain might be over but the celebrations, in various names, still continue in Nepal, where festivals even outnumber the number of days in a year. Every celebration, in many Nepali homes, is incomplete without the local brews and traditionally cooked meat, recipes for which have been passed down from one generation to another. The most popular […]

Bethe ko sag: Love it or curse it, it’s a wild weedy wonder

I could hardly believe the green leafy vegetable curry I had for lunch was, in fact, a weed, bought from the local market though. The taste was closely similar to the commercially grown spinach (palungo), but with an earthy, sharper, piquant savour—and more succulent, hands down. I fell for it. Yes, it is regarded as […]