Targeting Tihar, startup brings ‘walnut watch’ with promise to plant trees

Okhar watch. Photo: https://okharstore.com/

Kathmandu, November 12

A startup company has launched wristwatches made of walnut wood targeting the Tihar festival.

Walnuts, called ‘okhar’ in Nepali, hold a significant position in the festival as sisters gift walnuts to their brothers on the day of Bhaitika.

Okharstore.com says they can now gift walnut watch also to their brothers. The company has claimed the watch is handmade. It costs Rs 4,999 and comes with a one-year warranty.

Meanwhile, the company has also promised that it will plant one walnut tree for the sale of every watch.

“This watch is made of wood completely. To compensate for the loss of a tree in making this watch, we will plant one tree for every sale we make,” says the company’s founder Prakash Dahal.

The watch is made in a Japanese model, but it is assembled in Nepal, according to Dahal.

The product is available for purchase on its website, Daraz and other online stores.

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