How to use clothes that you no longer wear? Here are 5 tips

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Fashion is always changing. People tend to follow the latest fashion trends to look updated and stylish. In order to be fashionable, people keep on buying more and more new clothes. And, there will be a heap of clothes that you will use no longer in the wardrobe. 

Most of the time, people cannot figure out what to do with those clothes in the wardrobe. So, how do you use those clothes? There are plenty of creative ideas. Here are the top five among them.

1. Sell to thrift stores

Thrifted clothes on sale on the Facebook Group Photo: Screengrab from Ladies Buy and Sell Community

Nowadays, people, mostly youngsters, do not like to repeat what they have worn once or twice. Also, sometimes some clothes or shoes do not fit one’s size when one orders them online or gets them as gifts. This way, huge amounts of fresh (new-like) clothes get unused and hoarded in some corner of the wardrobe, which eventually becomes waste. 

In order to make use of such clothes, one can just re-sell them at a discounted price through thrift stores. Through thrifting, your closet is easily managed with some economic benefit as well.

2. Donate

Collecting clothes to distribute for 500 people in Suraichaur, Chepang village. Photo: Nepali Travellers

The clothes that have become useless for one can be a boon for the needy ones. There are so many people who cannot afford to buy them clothes. One can donate their clothes that are in usable conditions which the persons receiving will use to sustain their families.

Through charity, you are making the best use of your unused clothes for a worthy cause. One can donate it to the needy persons near them or to the clothing banks or any organisation working for this cause.

3. Make duvets, mattresses, pillows or cushions

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Some of the clothes in the closet are too old to donate or re-sell. What can one do of it? Well, one can also use those clothes to make duvets, mattresses, pillows or cushions. Wondering how? One can take those old clothes to a factory where such clothes are turned into black pieces of cotton with a machine. The factory charges some amount for doing so. And, out of those pieces of cotton, one can make a duvet or mattress, or pillow by stuffing the pieces of cotton.

Else, one can simply cut down those clothes in smaller sizes and sew or stuff them together to turn them into a duvet or mattress or pillow.

4. Upcycle

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One can upcycle old clothes in plentiful ways. The options are limitless. You can turn your unused old clothes into a bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow cover or cushion cover by stitching them together. Likewise, you can turn your old t-shirt into bags. You can make decorative things out of those clothes like toys, and garlands, etc.

There are many DIY (do it yourself) stuffs you can try with your old clothes and turn them usable. You are just a click away from learning this. 

5. Exchange them

Scene at Clothing Swap. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One can also make the use of the unused but decent clothes by swapping them with the one who is comfortable, be it cousins or friends or siblings. Most of the occasional wears like saris, kurtis, lehengas, gowns, suits, sherwanis, or daura-suruwals get hoarded into one’s closet. However, one can exchange these clothes with the other having a similar fit to make the use of these clothes. 

This way, one can get to wear different dresses on different occasions without spending money extravagantly.

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