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Government to mention province’s name on embossed number plates

Kathmandu, October 22 The Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Transport has taken a proposal to the Cabinet to mention the name of province on embossed number plates of vehicles. Earlier, the Ministry had begun distributing the places with the names of zones, but had halted it after stakeholders and public criticised the government for failing […]

Indian company wins tender to supply smart driving licences again

Kathmandu, October 16 India-based Madras Security Printers has won the tender called by the Nepal government to print and supply 750,000 smart driving licences. The same company had supplied licences to the Department of Transport Management earlier. The Department’s Director General Rup Narayan Bhattarai says an agreement in this regard will be signed today. Earlier, […]

Driving licence distribution halted for two weeks

Kathmandu, September 24 The Department of Transport Management has halted collection of applications for driving licence and its distribution for next two weeks citing traffic police, whom the Department needs to work with, will be busy in traffic management on the road during the Dashain festival. Now, the operations will resume on October 8 only, […]

Bus ticket booking for Dashain uncertain as transports bargain with government

Kathmandu, September 6 The booking of bus tickets targeting people visiting their homes from Kathmandu, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday, has become uncertain as transporters have begun bargaining with the government for some changes in transportation rules. Earlier, a meeting of stakeholders coordinated by the Department of Transport Management had decided to begin […]

Embossed number plate distribution put on hold to adopt federal structure

Kathmandu, September 6 The government has decided to put the newly introduced embossed number plate distribution on hold to adopt the federal structure. Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Bir Bahadur Balayar informed Development Committee of Parliament today that the government decided to distribute the number places as per newly created provinces; therefore the distribution […]

Transporters to begin ticket booking for Dashain from Sept 7

Kathmandu, September 1 Public transport operators have decided to open ticket booking for travel from Kathmandu to other parts of the country for upcoming Dashain festival from September 7. The transporters made the decision during a meeting called by the Department of Transport Management today. The greatest festival of Nepalis is just three weeks away. The government […]