Nepal quake: Couple from ‘fallen’ village rise to challenge to put life back on track

Ramesh Tamang was playing volleyball in a small clearing above his house in Haku village, Rasuwa when the earth started to shake. At first, he wasn’t sure what was happening. He looked in horror as the clearing split in two. Then he heard a terrifying sound from above him. The entire hill was falling. “The […]

Travelogue: Two mountain bikers turn witch doctors at a Buddhist monastery  

High craggy hills always fascinate me. I often gave a longing look at the Shivapuri hills, always in my sights from my house at Dhapasi, and thought about riding my mountain bike to those wooded heights located north of the Kathmandu Valley. The big day came, and Khasing, my co-rider, and I set off to […]