Pashupati Sharma: Satire is not meant to be taken literally

Folk singer Pashupati Sharma’s ‘Lootna sake loot‘ (loot if you can) is no ordinary song. A video of this song, uploaded by the singer on his YouTube channel, has generated a national debate on freedom of speech. The song, which according to the singer is a satire on corruption in the country, had to be […]

PM’s first year in office: Winning Madheshi support was Oli’s unprecedented achievement

When the left alliance won the general elections and provincial polls in six of seven provinces in 2017, the Madhesh-centric alliance, comprising Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and Rastriya Janata Party, won majority seats in Province 2. Many of the analysts then feared that it would aggravate the conflict between the central government and the Madhesh and […]