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Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal
Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

Passionate about winning a beauty competition since childhood, Aayusha Pyakurel is now ready to add one more feather to her hat. Pyakurel, 21, on June 2, bagged the crown of new Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 at the grand finale event held at Rastriya Naach Ghar in Jamal. Organised by PEGASUS, the main title event will have reigning pageant winners from more than 50 countries participating to represent their respective countries.

Currently, Pyakurel is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism, along with English literature, at Ratna Rajya Campus. She also works as a television presenter at Hamro Doctor News and works as a public relations officer at a local education consultancy.

According to Aayusha Pyakurel, beauty pageants provide a valuable platform for young aspiring girls to kickstart their careers in coveted fields such as fashion, film and advertising.

Pyakurel is going to Kochi in Kerala of India for the final event scheduled for June 21 to represent Nepal in Miss Glam World 2023. Before leaving, she caught up with Onlinekhabar and talked about her journey and plans for the competition. Excerpts:

Could you give us a brief about your journey to winning the Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 title?

Growing up, my father’s passion for games and sports influenced me. His collection of medals and certificates inspired me after which I became intrigued by the world of sports. He enrolled me in taekwondo classes. I started getting good at it and participated in national competitions winning a few. Winning awards at such a young age fueled my passion for competition even further.

Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal
Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

I became aware of the Miss Glam title through Irina Shrestha, a previous titleholder and friend of mine. Learning about her journey inspired me to represent our country on an international platform as well. Last year was the first time Nepal took part in the pageant and Irina reached the top 6. She also won Miss Glam World Adorable title which I think is huge. Her accomplishments motivated me to follow in her footsteps and make a mark on the international stage.

Following that, I became an avid follower of the event. I was particularly fascinated by Valentina Vasilic from Serbia, the current Miss Glam World 2022. The way she represented her country touched me, igniting a strong desire within me to represent Nepal on a similar international platform.

So how is this pageant different from Miss Nepal?

Every pageant has a different motive and different platform. Miss Nepal and Miss Glam World are completely different but there are some similarities.

Miss Glam focuses on the way you present yourself on stage and how you represent your country, as well as your contributions to social causes, much like in Miss Nepal. It also focuses on a woman’s ability to make a positive impact and showcase one’s talents and accomplishments. The key aspect of Miss Glam World pageant is the opportunity to showcase the culture and diversity of our country through costumes.

What are your preparations for the competition? How will you represent Nepal in Miss Glam World 2023?

I am currently preparing for the question-answer round. Along with that, I am also sharpening my spoken word poetry skills that I want to showcase in the talent round.

At the event, I will emphasise the distinct spiritual essence that defines our country. My primary objective is to showcase the rich spirituality and diverse cultural tapestry of Nepal. I am also committed to spreading the message of love and compassion on the global stage. Given the current global context, where love and compassion are greatly needed, I believe it is crucial to promote these values. The theme of my costumes aligns with this vision.

Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal
Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

If you do win the main title, what will be your roles and responsibility for your reigning period?

I do not know. But I believe there will be contractual obligations, and I will fulfil them accordingly. I am committed to actively engaging with the organisation and supporting it, whether it’s through brand endorsements or utilising its platform to promote social causes, including my own. I will make the most of the platform and the support they offer throughout my reign.

Regardless of the outcome, whether I win a runner-up or any other title, or even if I don’t win at all, my passion lies in the fields of communication and education. I will always take the initiative to represent our country on an international platform whenever an opportunity arises.

I have actively been involved with the Better Chitwan organisation, where I have had the opportunity to work with underprivileged children in rural areas. Through this initiative, we provide free tuition and stationery. I am committed to continuing this work, as I strongly believe that making even a single child’s educational journey better can have a profound impact.

Beauty pageants are often limited to beauty. How can we make the pageants more diverse and promote that idea?

Society is gradually starting to develop a better understanding of beauty pageants as people are becoming more aware of the opportunities they provide. In Nepal, parents are increasingly embracing the concept of pageants and actively involving their children from a young age.

The term beauty pageant does not mean beauty and glamour rather it is about your personality and compassion. It is about how you treat others, how you present yourself in front of other people, how kind and what are you willing to do for other people. That defines true beauty. 

Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal
Miss Glam World Nepal 2023 Aayusha Pyakurel. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

There are lots of beauty pageants and many Nepali pageant winners go on the international stage to represent our country but the winning one is rare. I believe that women who represented Nepal in the past have left an unforgettable mark on the international platform they have taken part in.

We need to learn from international audiences, like the Philippines and Thailand, where they religiously follow beauty pageants. Even if it is their local beauty pageants, they have immense respect for them but in Nepal, local pageants do not get much attention and respect like other countries. So the audience should understand that too.

Besides that, organisers should also maintain their standards like other countries. Having said that organisers are aware, and they are following the trends of the international pageant, and improve. It is growing, but to reach the same level, I think it will take time.

What is your plan after the competition? Will you be competing in Miss Nepal next year?

I have always wanted to participate in Miss Nepal but I recognised the importance of building a strong profile and gaining valuable experience. Hence, I decided to take the initial step by participating in Miss Glam World Nepal.

Regardless of the outcome in India, I have decided to take a break, possibly for a year. Once I feel ready and adequately prepared, I intend to pursue my dream of participating in Miss Nepal. It is definitely a goal that I aim to achieve in the future.

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Bajracharya is an intern at Onlinekhabar English.

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