Why it’s time to take children’s books seriously

 soldierseven/Deviant Art Both as an author and an academic I take children’s literature seriously – it’s my professional raison d’être. This doesn’t mean that I think it should be discussed in hushed tones, however, only that it shouldn’t be dismissed as trivial. Children’s authors are excellent writers – moreover, our earliest encounters with the written […]

In post-insurgency Nepal, ‘Blood Painter’ draws a line under his past

During the decade-long conflict between the Maoists and the Nepali state, the country witnessed bloodshed, unprecedented in its recent history. As the war raged on, it was not only the Maoists or the state’s security personnel, who paid the ultimate price, thousands of unarmed people also lost their lives. Rabindra Shrestha, an artist based in Kathmandu, […]