Health Ministry projects Covid 4th wave will hit a peak next month

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Kathmandu, August 8

The Ministry of Health and Population says the Covid 4th wave in Nepal will hit its peak next month.

By the first week of September, the number of daily new infected cases might reach as high as 8,000, warns the ministry.

The number of daily new cases in Nepal is below 1,000, but it will continuously rise for the next three weeks before staying constant for one or two weeks, according to the projection.

After the second week of September, however, the number of cases will begin to fall.

“We are halfway through the rising line in the Covid 4th wave,” a high official in the ministry says, “It will take some more days to reach the peak.”

Health Ministry assistant spokesperson Sameer Kumar Adhikari says the numbers of hospitalised cases and deaths might also increase in the next two weeks.

Infectious disease expert Dr Anup Banstola suggests people need to receive the booster vaccine dose if they have not received it yet.

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