Swar and hopes it sparks in Nepali pop music: A case of the debut song, Aparibhasit

Last Tuesday, when singer/songwriter Swapnil Sharma announced a new project, Swar, along with Rohit Shakya and Gautam Tandukar, many music lovers were happy and excited. Shakya, also a part of Jindabaad and Topi, is a guitarist for the newly announced project that may also function as a band whereas Tandukar plays the drums. 

This was probably good news that came from the Nepali pop music scene after a long time.  

The joy of those music lovers went to another level when the new project of well-experienced musicians released its debut song, Aparibhasit, after a week of announcing the new project. After all, who would have thought that this raw acoustic song could get such a fine rendition? 

The unimagined version

The song, Aparibhasit, was already on YouTube. Sharma had published it there during the Covid lockdown. Back then, Sharma used to upload one song a day in a bid to utilise the lockdown leisure and let everyone hear a new song every day.  

Aparibhasit was a part of it.  The earlier version of the song is simply played on acoustic guitar by Sharma, being seated in a room. But, the recently released version of Aparibhasit is totally different.

Probably, nobody would have imagined that a song that was simply played on acoustic guitar and filmed in a single room could get such a nice music video. Thanks to Swar and Fuzz Factory Production for making this happen!

The music video has a set of the Himalayas. It begins with the side angle featuring Sharma in front of the mic he is singing. His soft melodious voice is beautifully accompanied by the sound of a piano. 

Sharma comes from a hard rock musical background. Mostly, he is seen singing songs that comprises heavy vocals and scream, representing his regular band, The Shadows Nepal. But, in Aparibhasit, things are not similar. However, he has equally done justice to the song with his soft voice as he used to do with the heavy one.  

A ray of hope 

Sharma is undoubtedly a versatile singer, and Aparibhasit proves it. His earlier solo songs including Kasto Ho Yo, Samaya, and Sapana Bipana are also evidence of his versatility. 

It would be unfair if we do not talk about Shakya and Tandukar. 

The song would not have been this beautiful if Shakya had not produced it well and played the guitar wonderfully. The solo amid the song is very short but captivating. Likewise, Tandukar’s beats on drums have equally played a significant role in making the song lovable. 

The music video directed by Rohit Shakya and cinematographed by Prasiit Sthapit features all the band members. The project members are seen performing in the plain lands of the Himalayas. Likewise, singer Trishala Gurung is also featured in the video.  

The video does not have a strong storyline it has simply presented Sharma and Gurung as protagonists. However, the shots are well cinematographed, and the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas featured in the video have made the song additionally beautiful.

Similarly, the lyrics of the song written by singer Sharma himself depict the feeling of the protagonist towards his lover.  

The snippet of lyrics goes: Mero Man Bhitra Ka Harek Khusi Hau / Mero Sapana Bhari Timi Timi Nai Chhau / Mero Jivan Bhari Timi Rahanechhau / Mero Mrityu Sangai, Timi Pani Marnechhau [ You are all the happiness that’s inside my heart /  In my dreams, there is you / You will always stay in my life / You’ll die with my death]

Overall, Aparibhasit is a ray of hope for thousands of music lovers that we will get to hear a lot of beautiful songs from this newly established project. 

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