Best 10 songs of the Karma band you must listen to

The Karma band once ruled the Nepali music industry. All of their songs were popular among Nepali music lovers. For a long time, Karma were passive in the music scene but lately, they have again revived and are dropping some lovely songs. 

If you wish to recall the best songs of the Karma band, you must go through this article as we have handpicked the best 10 songs of the popular rock band.


1. Hukka Mero 

Hukka Mero was released by the Karma band two decades back and it is still very popular among Nepali living in different parts of the world. The opening solo of the song is also equally popular. The song is from the album Very Best of Karma. This song is usually played in all kinds of celebrations from picnics to family gatherings. 

2. Kaha Hola Ghar Bara  

This is also another song of the Karma band with some features that are similar to Hukka Mero. Its intro guitar solo is one of the most liked tunes in Nepali music. The song was released in 2004 as a part of the album SMS. In its lyrics, the singer wants to send a letter to a girl he likes and for that, he is asking for her address. 

3. Yani Maya

It starts with a riff accompanied by distortion and a light touch of the madal. The interesting thing about this rock song is it has very nicely given space for the madal. Yani Maya was released by the Karma band in 2007 from the album Karma. 

4. Maryo 

Released in 2002, this song represents the album SMS. It is another hit number of the Karma band. The lyrics of the song say that the girl that the singer loves has a killer voice. 

5. Chhaina Maile Timro 

Released in 2004, Chhina Maile Timro is also part of the album SMS. The music video of the song directed by Ashif Shah has a tragic storyline as it features the breakup of the protagonist. 

6. Ko Hau Timi 

Ko Hau Timi is a popular love song by the band. It is the song from the film, First Love, which was released in 2010. In this song, the singer tells that his world is incomplete without the presence of the girl he loves. 

7. Timi Chhoto Geet 

As the name says this song is really chhoto (short): just two minutes. It is only the acoustic song of the band released in 2012 from the album Naya Sapana. The singer in the song just wants his beloved to look and smile at him so that he could be happy.  

8. Mauntama  

Mauntama literally means silence in Nepali. The song is about the silence posed by the singer’s beloved and it also describes how her silence has been affecting him. 

9. Karbaree Chhata

Karbaree Chhata is the latest song of the Karma band, which was released on September 30. The music video of this song has carried a vintage theme and have featured popular actor Keki Adhikari.  

10.Mann Ko Ghanti  

Mann Ko Ghanti is another recent release of Karma. The song has a joyous rhythm that could even make you dance. This folk rock song also has an amazing guitar solo played by Hari Maharjan.

Enjoy more music by Karma Band on their YouTube channel.

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