10 classic Nepali songs from the golden era of pop music   

Nepal’s pop music scene has always been vibrant. However, with the advent of technology and home studios, the scene has grown even more in recent years with singer/songwriters releasing songs quite often.

The foundation, however, was laid in the late 1990s and early 2000s when pop music thrived in the country. People would be playing songs by singers like Sugam Pokharel, Anil Singh, Nabin K Bhattarai and Raju Lama on repeat. They would go to cassette stores to fill up the tape with songs by these artists who took pop music to new heights in the country.

This week, we have curated a collection of 10 nostalgic Nepali songs from the golden age of pop music.

Hongkong Pokhara 

Kandara Band’s Hongkong Pokhara is one of the most popular songs of the 90s. The melancholic song tells the story of a lover who works in a foreign land and misses his beloved in Nepal. In the song, the singer, Bibek Shrestha, says that his love for the girl would not fade away despite them being thousands of miles away.

Sarkari Jagira 

Sarkari Jagira by Doctor Pilot shows the reality of Nepali society and how families look if a man has a government job before marrying off their daughter. This song is particularly relatable for those who had to give up on their love for not having a government job

China Company 

China Company is a love song. In the song, the singer expresses his love for his beloved and tells her how his love will not change regardless of the distance and lack of communication.

The song gives a reggae vibe as the entire song is based on reggae rhythm accompanied by wha wha effect. The song also has hints of Chinese music in the middle section. 

Jaba Sandhya Huncha  

Jaba Sandhya Huncha, sung by Yogeshwor Amatya, is one of the most popular sentimental songs in which the singer vividly expresses how he misses his beloved during dusk. The music video of the song has over one million views on YouTube.   

Pheri Tyo Din 

Pheri Tyo Din by Sugam Pokharel is another popular Nepali sentimental song. In the song, the singer tells that he does not want to recall the days he was in love.

Pokharel has penned the lyrics himself. In the song, he has presented fire as the metaphor for love. Like a fire, love can also burn people when they recall it. 

Dekhe Timilai 

The song by The Axe Band is from the album Farkera Herda. In the song, the vocalist Shiva Mukhiya tells how he saw a girl in the tea garden in his dream and expresses he love for her.


Aakashaima is a poppy and fun song by Gloomy Guys. The song is still played at many family functions and gatherings. The song back then gave a new flavour to pop music by including a portion of rap.

Chari Bharara  

Chari Bharara, sung by Manoj Shrestha, is an all time hit song. The song is good to listen to if you want to dance. Chari Bharara is widely played in live performances by cover bands. 

Aaudai Jadai

Aaudai Jadai by The Uglyz is an evergreen Nepali love song. If you are at a gathering and have a guitar in your hand, somebody would definitely ask you to play this song. The music video of the song has over 16 million views on YouTube. 


Harpal of Aastha band is another popular Nepali pop song. In this song, the singer expresses how he feels whenever he remembers his beloved. Similarly, he also asks her to understand his love for him. The soothing vocals of Naren Limbu and  Sudip Gurung have made the song additionally beautiful.

Timi Aaja Bholi 

In Timi Aaja Bholi by Sudip Giri, the singer asks his beloved why she does not talk and love him these days. The singer expresses his worries about the changing behaviour of his beloved. 

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