10 easy Nepali songs for your guitar lessons

You own a guitar and you are a beginner, but you are tired of searching for Nepali songs that are easy for your guitar lessons. If this is you, just relax. Onlinekhabar has listed 10 great songs that are easy to learn guitar. The list also includes the chord progression of the songs.

We hope you will read and play those songs on your guitar to make your guitar lessons smooth. 

1. Parelima 

Parelima by 1974 AD is the most loved Nepali romantic song. We are recommending it for your guitar lesson as this acoustic song is always fun to jam up on the guitar with friends and family. The solo part of this song, which sounds fascinating, is relatively easy to navigate on the fretboard. 

Chord progression: E, F#m, Asus2, C#m, A and B

2. Awaz 

Albatross‘s song Awaz can be one of the easiest songs to play for beginning guitar lessons. The song is so energetic that the beginner guitarist will definitely enjoy playing it. 

Chords progression: Cadd9, D and Em 

3. Chihan Ki Pari 

Chihan Ki Pari by Shirish Khadka is popular for its guitar intro. The intro of the song is interesting and catchy. It is also equally easy to play; all you need to do is a few days of practice. 

Chords progression:  C, Am, D and G

4. Lukna Deu 

Lukna Deu, one of the greatest hits of the Axe Band is also another easy song for beginners’ guitar lessons. It is plucking in the intro that can help beginner guitar players to enhance their guitar skills. 

Chords progression: G, Cadd9, C and F

5. Syndicate 

Syndicate by Bipul Chettri follows a funky rhythmic pattern, which any beginner will enjoy playing during their guitar lessons. The rhythmic pattern of this song can help beginners enhance their strumming skills. 

Chords progression: Capo on 9th fret-  G, Cadd9, Em, D 

6. Hamro Nepal Ma 

Hamro Nepal Ma by Neetesh Jung Kunwar is one of the most popular patriotic songs of recent times. This song is widely played in schools or college programmes and in restaurants. The song has easy chord progressions and strumming patterns, making it suitable for your guitar lessons. One does not need to put in more effort to learn it.

Chords progression: G, Cadd 9 and D. 

7. Mohani Lagla Hai 

Almost every Nepali loves the song Mohani Lagla Hai as Nepali parties and gatherings are incomplete without playing this song. This song is based on the chudkey beat, which makes the song additionally upbeat. 

Chords progression:  G, Am, Em, D, F, C

8. Gurasai Phulyo 

Gurasai Phulyo by 1974 AD is another popular folk rock song among Nepalis. This is another appropriate song for beginning guitar players. Its rhythm is simple but it takes patience to learn its solo parts.  

Chords progression: A, Bm, D , G, E

9. Aankhama Timilai 

Aakhama Timilai is the debut song of Nabin K Bhattarai, released in 1997, from the album Raharai Raharma. This is also a very cool song for beginners’ guitar lessons. Except in the regular version, the song also sounds beautiful in a reggae version.  

Chords progression: G, Am, C, D and Em 

10. Timro Nyano 

Timro Nyano by the Uglyz band is an evergreen Nepali love song. Luckily, this song is also very easy to play on guitar. If you are at a gathering and have a guitar in your hand, somebody would definitely ask you to play this song.  

Chord progression: G, D, C, Em 

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