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August slipped away into a moment in time. Yes, that is a line from a Taylor Swift song, and as this article highlights how musically vibrant August was, we felt the need to reference it. August has been particularly special for music lovers, with several outstanding Nepali songs being released by popular artists from Nepal.

These Nepali songs are beautiful and have added some much-needed sunshine in people’s lives that have been quite glum due to the constant rain that has been falling in the country.

If you have missed out on these wonderful tracks, fret not as we bring to you a list of the best five songs released in August.

Upahaar – Swoopna Suman 

Swoopna Suman is one of the few Nepali singers/songwriters who stirs up excitement every time he unveils a new song. His most recent music video, Upahaar, which was released on August 19, has rapidly climbed the charts, amassing nearly a million views on YouTube and trending in two countries.

The music video is cute and wholesome as it shows how two aged couples continue to maintain a spark in their love life. Directed by Jyotsna Yogi, the video portrays romance, tenderness, and nurturing moments shared by couples spanning various ages.

It shows that age is just a number when it comes to expressing love, care, and romance.

Chhaya – Ujjwal Sagar 

Ujjwal Sagar’s Chhaya, released on August 19 has not garnered a huge number of views like many other songs in this list. The song has a little over 2,500 views but despite that, it deserves to be on this list for its sheer quality. The composition, lyrics and arrangement of this song are so good that everyone should listen to it at least once.

Chhaya, written by Roshan Adhikari and Ujjwal himself, is an acoustic love song that describes somebody who has fallen in love. In Chhaya, the singer urges the listeners to turn to him if they seek an answer for how someone transforms after experiencing love.

Sani – Monkey Temple 

Lately, rock band Monkey Temple has been increasingly inclined towards releasing love songs. Following a year that saw the launch of two love songs, Tasbir and Mero Maya, the band released a music video for yet another love song, Sani, on August 11.

Directed by Sareen Deoja, the band’s vocalist, the music video showcases a couple journeying through different locations in California, exchanging affection and joy. The song’s lyrics portray the singer’s profound happiness, which he attributes to his beloved.

This song is quite relatable if you are in love.

Laijauna – Prabesh Kumar Shrestha  

Widely known for the heart-touching song Aau Timi, the singer/songwriter has come up with another beautiful song Laijauna on August 20. According to the singer, who himself is also the lyricist of the song, Laijau Na is a composition that articulates our longing journey alongside this entity to a distant and blissful haven.  

The song has an animated video that features lyrics and a boy who wants to go far away from the chaos of this existing world and establish his zone somewhere else. The music video has crossed 200,000 views on YouTube. 

Sustari Sustari – Yash Kumar  

There is an ongoing tussle between Kathmandu metropolitan city and street vendors. The city has prohibited street vendors from doing any kind of business in the city. This has led to the city police confiscating the vendor’s carts and cycles.

Yash Kumar’s Sustari Sustari portrays this exact situation and highlights how the conflict between street vendors and metropolitan police is affecting people. The music video shows a love story between metropolitan police, acted by Kumar and a street vendor, acted by Anu Thapa. 

The music video directed by Nikesh Khakda shows the hardships of street vendors and the obligation of the metropolitan police.  

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