National population census from Thursday; preliminary data in 3 months, final in 6 months

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)
File: Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

Kathmandu, November 10

The 12th national population census is beginning across the country on Thursday. It will continue until November 25.

Nebin Lal Shrestha, the director-general of the Central Bureau of Statistics, says the department will mobilise 40,000 enumerators across the country. They will ask around 80 questions to each household, spending around 20 minutes.

Around 8,500 supervisors will oversee these enumerators. Both enumerators and supervisors have been trained to carry out their duties.

The bureau says it is making the counting process paperless in the Kathmandu district. Instead, around 2,250 tablets will be mobilised.

Assuring the data collected would be kept confidential, Shrestha urges all to actively contribute to the census.

When will be the results out?

Shrestha says the preliminary data will come out within three months whereas the final results will be published within the next six to eight months.

Earlier, the bureau had scheduled to carry out the census from June 8 to 22. However, in May, it was postponed indefinitely owing to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the entire country.

Later, the project was rescheduled for November 11-25.

Will Limpiyadhura-Kalapani region be covered?

Shrestha says the bureau has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold talks with India to hold census in the Limpiyadhura-Kalapani region.

Nepal has revised its political map in 2020 following India covering the disputed in its revised political map. However, the area is still under the control of the Indian Army.

If India does not give permission, conducting the census there will not be possible. Yet, the bureau will share some estimated data, according to him.

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