Locals bar Kathmandu from dumping waste at the Bancharedanda landfill site

Trucks carrying waste from Kathmandu to the Bancharedanda landfill site
File: Trucks carrying waste from Kathmandu to the Bancharedanda landfill site

Kathmandu, May 26

Locals of Dhunbeshi municipality in Dhading and Kakani rural municipality in Nuwakot have told the Ministry of Urban Development that they will not allow the government to dump waste from Kathmandu on the newly constructed Bancharedanda landfill site in their jurisdiction.

The locals say they will only allow the government to dump waste at the landfill if it fulfils the demands of the locals. They have been asking the government to provide them with compensation and build infrastructure in the area if it wants to dump waste in the area.

Local representatives of the two districts also called on the government to speak to the locals and acquire the land legally before moving ahead with the plan to dump waste.

Dhunbesi Mayor Bal Krishna Acharya says the government could not ignore the practical aspect of this issue as waste management was a general problem of not just the Kathmandu valley, but the entire country. He says it was time the government got serious about waste management and find a long term solution to the issue.

Kakani rural municipality chair Suman Tamang says it was time the government ditched policy and started a more practical approach. “People whose lives will be affected by the Bancharedanda landfill site want a more scientific approach. I’m sure if the government tried, this could happen,” says Tamang.

Ghan Nath Baajgain, the chair of ward number 3 of Kakani rural municipality, says this issue is happening because the government did not ask them before building the landfill site.

“They didn’t ask us anything and just went and decided on their own. Our rural municipal meeting has come to a decision to not let anyone dump waste there,” says Bajagain.

He says the locals are asking for around Rs 9 billion for compensation for the land used to construct the Bancharedanda landfill site, but the government has told them it is not possible at this moment.

“How sustainable is it to use 1,000 police officials to dump waste? How long will they come and beat locals and dump waste on the site? Do they think we’ll stop? This protest will go on until our demands are met,” says Bajagain.

Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri says the government is open to meeting the genuine demands of the locals but has also urged them not to politicise waste and create unnecessary problems.

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