Kathmandu streets welcome local elections with heaps of waste everywhere

File: Heaps of waste on a street of Kathmandu
File: Heaps of waste on a street of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, May 10

As you go to your voting booth on the day of local elections this Friday, you are highly likely to see several heaps of waste on Kathmandu streets.

Maybe they are there because they will remind you of the quality of the leadership you elected last time!

After a recurrent gap of a few days, local governments in the Kathmandu valley had resumed collecting waste since Saturday. However, it came to a halt again in just two days.

Waste collection in Kathmandu had been halted in Kathmandu last week due to locals’ obstruction along the Pasang Lhamu Highway, the route to the Sisdol landfill site. But, this week, the collection has been halted with waste-processing machines at the landfill site have turned dysfunctional.

Meanwhile, locals also protested saying the piles of waste did not get covered at the site properly.

An official at the Kathmandu metropolitan city office says it is unlikely that Kathmandu streets will get rid of the rubbish heaps before the voting.

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