Urban Nepal ditches 39% of waste in landfills and 31% in rivers: Govt survey

File: Heaps of waste on a street of Kathmandu
File: Heaps of waste on a street in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, September 19

A government survey says urban Nepal disposes of 39 per cent of waste in landfills whereas 31 per cent is ditched in rivers.

The survey carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics says urban Nepal produces 1 million tons of solid waste every year.

Here are the major findings of the survey:

Sources of waste

Residential area386,690 tons
Commercial area245,884 tons
Academic institutions103,244 tons
Health institutions101,507 tons
Industrial area94,392 tons

Waste management sites

Landfills389,983 tons
Rivers and riverbanks315,069 tons
Burning22,075 tons
Reuse8,690 tons
Others264,183 tons

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