Pokhara buries waste in open land as landfill site locals obstruct waste disposal trucks


Pokhara, August 6

Pokhara metropolitan city has started to dispose of waste by burying them.

Facing an issue with waste disposal, the city has resorted to burying the waste in open land near Naya Bazar.

The city is facing issues after locals of the landfill site have been obstructing the city asking it not to throw waste until their demands are met.

Kalpana Baral, head of the Sanitation Division, informed that a short-term solution for waste management was being sought after the stench started spreading in the streets of the Pokhara area due to waste disposal trucks not reaching the landfill site.

“We are talking to the locals. We believe we will reach an agreement soon,” said Baral. “This is just a short-term solution.”

According to Baral, the city is picking up waste from the main area of the city and it was not picking up waste from inner settlements.

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