Harrowing story of a Nepali’s illegal journey to Europe

Even after crossing 11 countries and spending million rupees, struggle does not end Nineteen-year-old Manish from Chitwan was not interested in his studies, he had a bigger dream. He decided to drop out of school go abroad and to earn a fortune. He tried to go to Israel, but was denied a visa. Then it was […]

Shoe Laundry: Transforming small idea into a profitable business

This story is about a marketer working for a reputed paint company, a science student, and an Australia-returned; the only thing that was common between them: the desire to start something of their own. Karma Dorje Shrepa (KD), Surendra Maharjan and Subas Kiran Chaudhary brainstormed for days on a business idea they could execute. “First we thought […]