Bodhi Chhaaya: Nepal’s would-be ‘longest-running show’ opens. It will run for five years

If you are aware of the business of theatres in Kathmandu, you must have, by now, developed sense of how long a show can run. Few theatres—yes, there are only a few theatres in the city–run their shows for one to two months, and they are seen taking a long break between the productions. But, recently, […]

Redmud: How a college dropout learnt life lessons from failures

Aashish Adhikari ‘wasted’ eight precious years of his youth from 2003 to 2011: He gradually lost concentration in his studies after he began classes at a management college in Kathmandu. He was looking for excuses to leave. Soon, he understood that unstable politics and the Maoist insurgency were reasons enough for his middle-class family to […]