8 best electric bikes and scooters to buy in Nepal in 2021

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Electric vehicles are said to be the future of the automobile industry. It not only makes you less dependent on fossil fuel but also helps on reducing the carbon emissions that are harming the atmosphere and ultimately people’s lives.

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly globally, and Nepal is no exception. Here, we have prepared a list of electric bikes and scooters, along with their specifications, that you can purchase in Nepal, in the preference order.

1. NIU N- Series

Photo: NIU

NIU probably has the best two-wheeler electric vehicles in Nepal. The N-series is a perfect example of that. This scooter is stylish and lightweight that can easily pass through the narrow lanes of the Kathmandu valley. It has a unique ring-shaped LED headlight and a premium appearance. It has a ground clearance of 145mm only, which can be a problem on some bumpy roads of the valley. The 2,400-watt motor used in this scooter is made by Bosch.  The battery powering of this vehicle is 60V29Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion that has a two-year warranty. The battery will take around six hours to fully charge and will give a range from 50-80 km. It has a portable battery which enables you to charge your scooter anywhere you like.

It has a double-disc brake system and three speed-modes to select from. It has a top speed of 48km/hr in Mode 3, 37 km/hr in Mode 2, and 20 km/hr in Mode 1.

The scooter also has a massive 18 ltr boot space under the seat. Further, there are plenty of cool features in the N-series. It has a cruise control mode as well as an electronic braking system (EBS). This intelligent system uses regenerative braking to recover up to 10% of the battery energy. In simple words, you gain battery while braking.

The key to this scooter is multi-functioning. Along with locking and unlocking the scooter, it also locates your scooter and alarms if someone else uses the vehicle. There is also an NIU app for the owners that allows them to check the battery information, battery health and travel history. The NIU N-series is available in different outlets of NIU.


Dimensions Length: 1,800mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1,130mm
Ground clearance: 145mm
Seat height: 740mm
TyreFront: 90/90-12
Back: 120/90-12
Battery60V29Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion
Motor2400 Watt Bosch
Top speed48km/hr
Range50-80 km
Charging duration6 hours
Kerb weight95 kg

The price for NIU N-Series is Rs 254,000.


Photo: NIU

NIU N-GT is a better version of the NIU N-series. This is a powerful scooter that has a great pick up and better ground clearance. It also comes with classical circular headlights. The dashboard is also larger here. There are three modes that the rider can choose from. The eco-friendly mode that gives a top speed of 20km/hr is great for traffic and power saving. The dynamic mode is for daily normal use that gives a top speed of 50km/hr and if you want to have a little fun and go a little faster, there is a sports mode that allows you to speed up your vehicle up to 70km/hr.

There is a dual-battery system in this vehicle that provides you with mileage up to 170 km, which means it will be enough for two to three days of use in the valley. There is also a dual charging system. The users charge the battery directly in the scooter through the charging port or can take out the portable batteries and charge anywhere they like. When the battery is charged by taking them out, the battery charges 0-100% in 3.5 hours whereas the battery will take seven hours when charging directly. However, the dual battery means there is no big storage space as space has been taken by them. NIU N-GT can start without the use of brakes and has a cruise control mode as well as an electronic braking system (EBS). It also has access to the NIU app.


Dimension Length: 1,815mm
Height: 1,185mm
Seat height: 780mm
TyreFront: 90/90-12
Back: 120/70-12
Battery60V35Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion
MotorTailored motor by Bosch
Top speed70km/hr
Range170 km
Charging duration3.5 hours
Kerb weight115 kg

The price for NIU N-GT is Rs 398,888.

3. Super Soco CUX

Photo: WotoMoto Malta

Among the five models released by D-lifestyles Pvt Ltd, Super Soco CUx is a premium-range electric scooter that comes with a classy look. The company targets the urban trendy youth looking for a fresh change in perspective.

The slim design makes it comfortable to ride in the city. It also comes with three riding modes: economical, normal and sport. The motor is powered by Bosch. This vehicle supports the Super Soco app from which you can have the details of the scooter and the user’s travel history. The ground clearance is very small though and also there is no boot space as the battery takes all the space.

The security system is good on Super Soco as there is app tracking, alarm and the wheels will be locked. There is also a USB port. The company provides a three-year warranty on the battery and a two-year warranty on the two-wheeler.


Dimension Length: 1,782mm
Width: 618mm
Height: 1,087mm
Ground clearance: 140mm
Seat height: 770mm
TyreFront: 90/90-12
Back: 90/90-12
Battery60V30Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion
Top speed65km/hr
Charging duration3.5 hrs
Vehicle weight64 kg

The price of Super Soco CUX in Nepal is Rs Rs 239,900 for standard colours and Rs 249,900 for luxury colours. 

4. Super Soco CPx

Photo: e-scooter.co

The CPx is the premium version of the electric scooters of Super Soco. This is more powerful, more technologically advanced, faster, bigger than the most electric scooters available in the market.

Though it has a large road presence, CPx is capable of commanding its way through the traffic and is nimble enough to dissect through busy sections. It also has a one-push reverse switch for easy movement out of the traffic or dead ends. Other features include 16” tubeless tyres, remote key, anti-theft alarm, USB charging port and storage space, extra-large seat and disc brakes at both ends. It also has keyless ignition and wheel-locking function. It supports a dual battery that can last up to 137 km when charged fully. There is also a wind-shield that gives personality and deviates the air from under the windscreen. The company provides a three-year warranty on the battery and a two-year warranty on the scooter.


Dimension Length: 2,022mm
Width: 790mm
Height: 1,442mm
Ground clearance: 154mm
Seat height: 760mm
TyreFront: 100/80-14
Rear: 110/80-14
Battery60V45Ah Lithium-ion
MotorSuper Soco
Top speed90km/hr
Range137 km (on dual battery)
Charging duration3-4 hours
Vehicle weight107 kg

The Super Soco CPx is priced at Rs 459,900 for the single battery variant and Rs 589,900 for the double battery variant.

5. Super Soco TSx

Photo: e-scooter.co

Coming to the electric bikes, the Super Soco TSx comes with a high level of modern finishes, with a determined and practical style. The new X version stands out for its aggressive graphics and is driven by a decidedly more powerful electric engine. The vehicle has a durable carbon steel frame with a lightweight aluminium subframe and has front and rear disc brakes with CBS. The motor is powered by a 3kw max power Bosch motor and has a capacity for two removable lithium battery packs. The Super Soco TSx also has the keyless ignition feature for convenience and app integration to boost connectivity. It is also equipped with an alarm and wheel lock function ensuring safety while parking. There is also an advanced battery management system that makes sure the battery remains in top condition. The vehicle is also equipped with a superbright LED and has a digital display. The company provides a three-year warranty on the battery and a two-year warranty on its products. 


Dimension Length: 1,895mm
Width: 703mm
Height: 1,066mm
Ground clearance: 198mm
Seat height: 770mm
TyreFront: 70/100-17
Rear: 100/70-17
Battery60V30Ah Panasonic Lithium-ion
Motor3000 watts Bosch
Top speed80km/hr
Range128kms (dual battery)
Charging duration3-4 hours
Vehicle weight66kg

The Super Soco TSx is priced at Rs 285,900 for the single battery variant and Rs 369,900 for the double battery variant.

6. Super Soco TC Max

Photo: e-scooter.co

The Super Soco TC Max is an alluring electric bike blended with the perfect mix of style and performance. The cafe racer-inspired design is lightly built with superior range and powerful motor and possess an abundance of style. The bike also has a belt drive to the rear wheel that provides smooth power delivery without the need for chain maintenance. The handling of the bike is very comfortable, according to the company, and the bike has a safety-focused CBS braking system. It has a USD front suspension and mono rear shock. The bike also has three power modes. Security-wise, it has an in-built alarm, wheel locking function. The bike also has keyless ignition and a hidden storage compartment. The TC Max has been designed for everyday urban explorers. Biker enthusiasts can choose between aluminium and spoke wheels. The company provides a three-year warranty on the battery and a two-year warranty on its products. 


Dimension Length: 1,982mm
Width: 740mm
Height: 1,031mm
Ground clearance: 189mm
Seat height: 770mm
TyreFront: 90/80-17
Rear: 120/70-17
Battery72V45Ah Lithium-ion
MotorSuper Soco
Top speed95km/hr
Charging duration3-4 hours
Vehicle weight79 kg

The Super Soco TC Max is priced at Rs 489,900. 

7. Genius X46

Photo: geniusev.com

Genius X46 is the new electric vehicle released by Yoma Ma E Motors, the distributors of Genius electric motorcycles and TAILG electric scooters in Nepal. Along with the super naked-inspired look, the bike has PU800 paint quality that gives you up to five years of assurance in the paint. The bike has a dual disc brake system in the front while there is a single disc brake at the rear. This is a pretty powerful vehicle as you can go 0-60km/hr in just three seconds. There is a hill-assist system that maintains the brake pressure for a set period of time as you switch from the brakes to the accelerator. Once you press the accelerator, it releases the brake. It also has three riding modes: eco, normal and sports. There is also a regenerative battery in this vehicle and a reverse mode. For security, there is an anti-theft system that triggers the alarm and locks the wheels of the vehicle. There is also a super-sports inspired version, XY46, if you are looking for a different look. The company is providing one-year roadside assistance for its vehicles.


Dimension Length: 2,050mm
Width: 990mm
Height: 1,150mm
Ground clearance: 185mm
Seat height: 820mm
Battery72V60AH Lithium-ion
Motor power13KW (peak)
Top speed120km/hr
Charging duration4 hours
Kerb weight144 kg

The price for Genius X46 is Rs 426,000.

8. TAILG Tiger

Photo: Techlekh

Another addition by the Yomama E motors, the TailG Tiger is a stylish-looking electric scooter. This is the powerful variant of the two e-scooters released by the company. Along with the amazing looks, the TailG Tiger has a dual disc braking system and is powered by a 2,500-watt powerful climbing motor. It also gives a pretty decent mileage of 95 km on a full charge. There are three modes on this vehicle and the rider can choose according to their comfort. It has a big six-inch LCD screen, tubeless tyre and a keyless start system. Other notable features of the Tailg Tiger are its LED projection headlights, USB charging port and book space.

The most notable feature of this vehicle is its auto repair System (ARS). The system will find out the problems in the vehicle and will reset the system for optimum use. The company is providing one-year roadside assistance.


Dimensions Length: 1,980mm
Width: 690mm
Height: 1,110mm
Ground clearance: 175mm
Seat height: 790mm
Tyre100-80/12 (front and rear)
Battery72v32Ah Lithium-ion
Motor power2500 watt
Top Speed51km/hr
Charging Duration5-6 hours
Kerb weight124 kg

The price for TAILG Tiger is Rs 183,000.

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