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Janai: The story of ‘the sacred thread’ of some Hindu men

Almost all Hindus across Nepal celebrate the Janai Purnima festival on the full moon day of Shrawan every year, yet many of them do not know the essence of ‘janai’, the sacred thread that gave the festival its name. So, here we have a detail of what a janai is and why it is important […]

History of Nepali newspapers: It began 400 years late, but downfall might just follow global trend

The world got it first regularly appearing printed newspaper in 1605. The ‘Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien’, German, was published by Johann Carolus (1575-1634) in Strasbourg. Around three centuries later, in 1998, newspaper publication began in Nepal with the Sudha Sagar. Since then, the growth of Nepali newspapers has gone parallel with the political […]

Luto Phalne tradition is dying out. What was it? Why was it in existence?

Before he migrated to Kathmandu at the age of 10 in 2001, Saaune Sankranti used to be one of the most interesting days of a year for Dinesh Sharma, a native of Kavre. Since then, every year on the first day of Saaun/Shrawan, the fourth month of the Nepali calendar, he just misses the day—for […]

Skill Sewa: This startup wants to promote ‘home inspection’ as a business in Nepal

Buying or building your own house is something that everyone aspires to invest their lifelong earning in, at least in Nepal. But, a house is also a frequent ‘troublemaker’. It requires regular checkups and repairing, which costs a lot; as much as you care for your health, the house also requires a lot of attention. […]

Chaturmas: A 4-month festival has begun among Hindus in Nepal, India. What is it all about?

While the mainstream media outlets were flooded with the news of recent tensions in the ruling Nepal Communist Party, many Nepali households were busy planting and worshipping tulasi, also known as holy basil, at their yards this Wednesday morning. They were preparing for the beginning of the four-month festival—Chaturmas. Beginning the day of Harishayini Ekadashi […]

‘Covid-19 has made people realise need for producing food on their own’

The global outbreak of Covid-19 and the prolonged lockdown imposed to combat the spread of this virus has not left any section of the population and any sector of the economy unaffected. Therefore, the affected also include farmers too; they were hit by transportation suspension, market closure, falling prices of agriculture, and the shortage of […]

In locked down Nepal, webinars are popular. But, spammers frequently spoil them

On April 27, NxtGen, a nonprofit organisation under the Pulchowk Engineering Campus, hosted a webinar on Covid-19 preparedness for students. During the event, the organisers noticed some audience members from fake email addresses violating cybersecurity laws, which left the audience and the speakers tense. The organisers think their purpose of joining the webinar was disturbing […]

‘Nepali startups shouldn’t lose hope to Covid-19 crisis; liquidation is last option’

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown to curb the spread of this deadly disease have affected different businesses differently. It has forced many enterprises to halt their activities, many others to adopt different models to sustain while at the same time, a few businesses are thriving due to their nature of business. But, this […]

This is how phones are used to spread Covid-19 awareness in Nepal

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Nepal and private sectors have been working together to spread awareness regarding the new disease among the people. In this unprecedented crisis, awareness is key to safeguard oneself and others from this deadly infection. Awareness about the disease, its symptoms, are preventive measures are catered […]

Nepal lockdown forces some startups to shut, some others to modify

Namgyal Dorjee Sherpa and some of his friends started Customandu in December last year. Their team had dreamed of earning some good profits within a few months. However, their dream has got shattered now. “We are not in operation for now. We are not shut down; we will be starting again. But, this may take […]

Many people fear getting fat during lockdown. How can they avoid it?

The whole world has been hit by an unprecedented and lethal pandemic, which has left most of the humans stuck inside their houses in a fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Since March 23, Nepal has been in a complete lockdown. From dawn to dusk, with having nothing crucial to do, most of the […]

Amid lockdown, this New Year became boring for many but blissful for some

In the previous years, the New Year’s Day used to be the time of celebration. People used to wish for delight, joy, excitement, and hopefulness. New resolutions would be made. But, the Nepalis welcomed this new year 2077 amid so many uncertainties, locked down, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Previously, the day would be an […]

Coronavirus is also a whole new genre in Nepali music industry

Many people believe music is a universal and timeless art. However, time apparently matters in music composition and consumption in any country. That is the reason why, the Nepali society is flooded with hundreds of new songs every September because Nepali women celebrate the annual Teej festival that month, and the festival is known for […]

Everyone is at home during lockdown. But why do women only do kitchen chores mostly?

Sabitri Neupane lives with her husband, son, daughter, and mother-in-law in Salyantar, a village in Dhading district, west of Kathmandu. This middle-aged woman works for an NGO as a part-time staffer whereas her husband is a secondary-level teacher at a nearby government school. Her son and daughter, with the age difference of only 15 months, […]

In locked down Nepal, uncertainty over exams leaves students tense

Sujita Sharma is a master’s level student at the Central Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at Tribhuvan University. Her second-semester examinations were scheduled to begin on March 22, but they got postponed just two days before the first paper as the government announced to close all educational institutions due to the growing coronavirus fears. […]

From duna-tapari to hacks: Things you can do with your family while in isolation

As an ultimate effort to control the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, following many other countries of the world, the government of Nepal has also imposed a lockdown across the country since last week. Though the lockdown is announced to last till coming Tuesday for now, the government is expected to extend it given the confirmation of […]

Fake news during Covid-19 crisis may lead kids to trauma. Here’s what psychologists have to say

Shivam Raj Bhandari, eight, is constantly exposed to social media mainly Facebook and YouTube. Recently, he came across one of the viral posts on Facebook that suggested that the novel coronavirus would not affect Nepalis as their immunity power was believed to be the strongest. The post influenced him and he became careless about following […]

Why do you need to revive ‘traditional’ Nepali food? How can you do it?

Sushma Bhandari of Syuchatar, Kathmandu, is a working mother. She usually sends packaged foods like biscuits, cakes, and instant noodles as tiffin for her seven-year-old son. “Due to my busy schedule, I rarely have some time to cook something homely for my son as tiffin. With packaged food, my son’s tiffin is ready in no […]

Nepali food ingredients are healthy, but the ‘system’ is not. It is causing gastritis in many

As China is struggling hard to control the spread of COVID-19, the infection of novel coronavirus that originated in its Wuhan city, some social media users have also guessed that the Chinese acquired the virus from their food habit. They say the Chinese food culture is full of unusual delicacies that include monkey’s brain and […]

People rarely think how children with autism socialise in their adulthood. This ‘inclusive’ club does

Kripa Shrestha is tired of her neighbours’ and passersby’s comments about her 15-year-old son Biraj’ activities. The neighbours in her small settlement in Chandol of Kathmandu might not have any ill intent behind their comments, but none of them is helping Shrestha feeling better. Instead, she has to travel miles to Autism Care Nepal Society, […]

TikTok and YouTube make ordinary people ‘viral’–to ridicule them, at the end of the day

Grishma Rai is a young woman, aged 20, originally from Dudhkoshi rural municipality-3 of Solukhumbu district. She migrated to Kathmandu, basically to work, around 14 months ago. Then, she started working as a caretaker at an elderly care centre in Kathmandu. While working at the centre, she came into contact with a nurse, who introduced […]

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