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Three years on, post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal is snail-paced. Know why

Forty-two months on since the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015, people whose houses collapsed in the quake are still living in makeshifts shacks, waiting for help from the government. There are multiple reasons why the National Reconstruction Authority, the government body formed to spearhead the reconstruction works, has failed to show its impacts. The […]

NRA mobilises senior engineers in all local units to expedite reconstruction drive

Kathmandu, October 9 National Reconstruction Authority’s Chief Executive Officer Sushil Gyewali says the Authority is mobilising senior engineers in all local units of the 2015 earthquake-affected region so as to give a momentum to the reconstruction of individual households. He says the World Bank has agreed to fund salary and other benefits of such engineers. […]

Manakamana Temple reconstruction over after 41 months

Gorkha, September 14 The Manakamana Temple in Gorkha district of Gandaki Province, which attracts millions of visitors every year, has been reconstructed around 41 months after the 2015 earthquake. The Temple Reconstruction Committee has stated that the reconstruction of temple itself has been over recently. “Now, we are yet to pave the yard with stones […]

Sankhu monuments still awaiting reconstruction

Kathmandu, September 10 Reconstruction of historical monuments in Kathmandu’s historical town, Sankhu, which was devastated by the April 2015 earthquake, has not gathered momentum. The reconstruction drive has almost reached four years, but it is snail paced. Though the Department of Archaeology took up the responsibility for rebuilding of the Lichchhavi-era historical monuments, it could […]

Nepal delegates post-quake reconstruction works to local governments

Kathmandu, September 6 The National Reconstruction Authority of Nepal government has delegated the post-earthquake reconstruction works to local governments. A meeting of the Authority’s Steering Committee held at Singhadarbar on Thursday made the decision to let municipalities and rural municipalities carry out reconstruction works. The meeting also decided that district level authorities will monitor the […]

From the Kathmandu Press: Friday, August 10, 2018

Major Nepali and English broadsheet dailies published from Kathmandu on Friday have published a host of issues from various sectors of life on their front pages. Like always, political issues including activities of the government and Parliament, at central and provincial levels, have been discussed from different perspectives. Likewise, controversies regarding the death of two […]