Eyewitness’s statement: We saw the critical situation in Birendra Glacier Lake, we were saved by luck

Kathmandu, April 21

After an avalanche fell in Birendra Lake in the Manaslu area of Gorkha, the water flowing from there took the form of a flood. Eyewitnesses have said that its flood is flowing terribly.

A mountaineer Lakpa Temba Sherpa is an eyewitness to the avalanche and flood. Sherpa, who came in contact with Onlinekhabar, said, “We have seen the critical situation here.”

What kind of situation did he see? Sherpa has described the situation with Onlinekhabar:

My home is in Solukhumbu. A team of four including me was going to climb Manaslu mountain. The weather was foggy. This morning we heard thunder as we were reaching near Birendra Glacier Lake. At first, I thought a heli (helicopter) might have arrived. But later there was a big flood.

It didn’t even rain, but there was a flood. After a while, it became known that the water of Birendra Lake had become a flood. We thought the lake burst and flooded.

It was as if we were crossing the bridge connecting Samdu village and Samagaon and the flood swept away that bridge. It seems that we were saved by fate.

There were also two to four yaks in that direction. Later those yaks were not seen. It seemed that those yaks had been washed away in a flood.

As we approached Birendra Glacier Lake, we saw that half of the snow that covered the mountain had fallen. Half of the lake was covered by landslides.

After a while, the police also arrived near the lake. They were talking to each other and they found two bags but no people. They may know the details of whether there was human damage or not, and how much damage had been made.

We made our way to climb Manaslu. Now we have reached the base camp of Manaslu, above Birendra Glacier Lake. Looking down, a flood of black mud is seen flowing.

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