New 7-day Dhaulagiri trek: Three reasons to hit the trail

A new trekking route to Dhaulagiri-I Base Camp was recently identified, and this means that you can reach there in seven days, a duration relatively shorter than the 21-day adventure trekkers usually associate with the mountain. You begin your journey from from Beni in Myagdi go through Jhi, Pakha Pani, Rai Khor, Ghyasi Kharka, Chari, […]

Begnas to Thulakot: Close to mountains, just far enough from everything

Somewhere behind the hills girdling the lake there was a village that had stunning views of the mountains we could see in the distance. I heard that from a man who lived near the lake. He told us it was half a day’s hike to that village. I figured a place had got to be […]