In honouring Dylan, the Nobel Prize judges have made a category error

  In 1920, Rudyard Kipling (Nobel Prize in Literature 1907), published The Conundrum of the Workshops. This poem about review culture features the Devil as “first, most dread” critic who responds to human creative outputs with: “it’s pretty, but is it art?”, a review that hurls the makers into confusion, rivalry and anguish. What could […]

Broadside: Riding with ‘Mr Gray’ in the Balkans

The perils of planning to see the sun set an hour before it actually sets includes missing the event altogether. Psh and I hurtled around bends up the narrow mountain road, dodging cars that were hurtling down. The Montenegrin sky had acquired a sepia tone. A road sign said 30 minutes to Lovcen National Park. “Let’s […]