Nepali artefacts taken to Denmark: ‘Six decades on, too easy to call collectors thieves’

Many a neighbourhood in Kathmandu Valley (and elsewhere in Nepal) have a temple, a shrine or a niche where once there was a statue of a god or goddess. Lifted from their ancient homes, the images, through a clandestine but highly efficient channel, were transplanted in the living rooms of collectors or the bright halls […]

Madhav Narayan Jatra: This is how devotees wrapped up the month-long festival

The month-long Madhav Narayan Jatra which started on the full moon day of Poush concluded in Bhaktapur today. The festival is dedicated to God Madhav Narayan and Goddess Swasthani where devotees dress up and recite folk tales about various noble feats performed by the Gods along the streets of Bhaktapur. During the festival, the idol […]