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Everest: 11 climbers dead in 16 days – how should we deal with the bodies on the mountain?

Climbing Mount Everest has long been a metaphor for extreme achievement – something that is both hard and hazardous. And, over the years, the bodies of those seasoned Sherpas who perished in accidents or climbers who succumbed to the cold and altitude have testified to just how dangerous it is to attempt to climb to […]

300 persons from 42 countries to attempt Everest climbing this spring

Kathmandu, April 11 Total 30 groups consisting 300 people have taken the climbing permit to climb the world’s highest mountain, Everest. According to Department of Tourism, total 12 Nepalis have also received the permit as of Thursday. Six Nepali men and women will attempt to climb Everest. The 300 people including 251 men and 49 women […]

Journey to Everest: This is how supplies for climbers are transported to the base camp

Every year hundreds of people climb Mount Everest from Nepal in May. Apart from chartered helicopters, there are no means of transport up to the base camp, where trekkers start the gruelling climb up the highest mountain in the world. The nearest regular commercial flights land at Lukla in Solukhumbhu district of northeastern Nepal – […]

Shailee Basnet: Mountain climbing, helping other women and making Americans laugh

Shailee Basnet was a member of the Seven Summits Women Team that scaled Mt Everest in 2008, making them the most successful all-women expedition to Everest ever. Like all the members of the team, Basnet had scaled numerous personal Everests before she arrived in Everest base camp. “Society’s apprehensions were a big hurdle in the […]

New Zealand ambassador explores professional, personal connections in Nepal’s Himalayas

12,077 km. That, according to Google, is the geographical distance between New Zealand and Nepal. However, the real distance between the people of the two countries is ever shrinking thanks to the towering feat achieved by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in the summer of 1953. Thanks to their achievement, there’s a genuine feeling of warmth […]

Steve Plain: From a hospital bed to shattering mountaineering world record

Three years ago, sleeping on his hospital bed with a halo brace on, Steve Plain decided to go on the most adventurous challenge of his life. For many people who would have occupied the bed before him, this might have been getting back on their feet and resuming their daily lives, but not for Plain. […]