Local authorities relax rules to allow helicopter transport of materials to Everest

Helicopters are known as the Himalayan taxies in the Everest region. Photo: Shashwat Pant

Kathmandu, March 10

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality has amended a rule concerning the transportation of materials related to mountain climbing above Syangboche. This decision, part of the first amendment to the Base Camp Management Procedure of 2024, was made by the local government.

Previously, the rural municipality had imposed a regulation stipulating that materials for mountain climbing in the area above Syangboche must not be transported by helicopter. Instead, the use of local workers, yaks, and jopke (hybrid between a cow and a yak) was mandated to support the local economy through mountain climbing activities.

However, with the recent revision, the rules have been modified to allow for the transportation of climbing materials above Syangboche by helicopter or other means, provided permission is obtained from the coordination and monitoring committee when necessary.

Additionally, previous regulations regarding the management of climbing activities included provisions for the removal of human waste from the mountains, which will now be enforced starting from this season.

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