Sugarcane farmers end protest after the deal that’s similar to last year’s

Sugarcane farmers demonstrate in Kathmandu, demanding outstanding payments, in December 2020.

Kathmandu, December 29

Sugarcane farmers from different districts of southern Nepal who were protesting in Kathmandu demanding outstanding payments from sugarcane mills have ended their agitation after signing a four-point deal with the government on Monday evening.

A meeting between the two sides held at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies resulted in the agreement.

To convince the farmers to end the agitation, the government has expressed its commitment to making the mills give the payments within 21 days. The two sides have also agreed to form a joint committee comprising representatives of the farmers, mills, and government officials to solve existing problems between the farmers and milliers.

Demanding that the government and sugar mills implement a deal, which was quite similar to the agreement made yesterday, signed with them in the first week of January this year, sugarcane farmers from various districts of southern Nepal had launched a protest in Kathmandu on December 13.

Since then, the government had repeatedly asked the demonstrators for a dialogue, but they were refusing, demanding payments first. However, a meeting of the protestors’ committee held on December 20 had decided to hold talks also. On the other hand, political developments in the country had overshadowed their agitation of late.

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